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Dying for Nothing

• Hornberger

Dying for Nothing
by Jacob G. Hornberger

Yesterday I attended a funeral for a friend’s mother at Arlington National Cemetery. During the service, my eyes focused on three nearby gravestones — a Lt. Colonel, a 1st Lieutenant, and a captain. The inscriptions on the gravestones stated that all three had served in Iraq and Afghanistan and that all three had died in 2011. I noticed that the captain died at the age of 30.

All I could think was: What a horrible waste of life. Three lives shortened, needlessly. All three, dying for nothing.

It was the captain’s gravestone that hit me the hardest. Inscribed near the bottom of that gravestone were three letters: “VMI.”

During my first year at VMI, I became accustomed to those times during evening meals when an upperclassman would take the microphone and make some sort of special announcement. I don’t recall exactly what he would say but whatever it was, everyone knew what it meant and a hush would immediately sweep across the mess hall. He would then announce something like, “Attention to orders. 10 December 1968. Lt. Smith, J.S., VMI class of 1966, killed in action this day, Republic of Vietnam.”

When I arrived at VMI in 1968, the Vietnam War was in full swing. I believed the government’s pronouncements and trusted the judgments of U.S. officials. I really believed that U.S. troops were fighting to protect our rights and freedoms here at home. I really believed that without the U.S. intervention in Vietnam, the dominoes would start falling and the communists would soon be taking over our nation.


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Comment by David Jackson
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     Terrorism has control of the U.S., even as we blog. What the hell does anyone think is going on in the sewer of "power"? What would one call it when the so-called, self-annointed authorities claim more rights than the citizens and operate under a "rule of law" that they make up as they go along?

      Is the abuse of the methods and means of mere survival a terrorist act? I say, yes! Can it be called an act of terrorism, when citizens are forced to support their own enslavement and pay the bill for a gang of elitist smucks to line their own pockets, ensure that their idot kids and their closest friends have future employment, or waste the lives and wealth of the nation shoring up the con artists and enemies who bilk the system of every resopurce they can pervert?

      Becoming a uniformed shill for the traitors isn't going to prevent anything but reasoned policy and a return to the democratic republic most of us would defend in an instant. Have we slaughtered all of the real patriots, so that the pretenders can have their way with us?

      There is nothing wrong with service to one's country; it's service to the second-rate thugs who pretend to support it that makes one ill, and wastes human potential!

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