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HR 1505 is a fatal betrayal of America

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America is defined by its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution. America is further defined by its English language, its Christian heritage, and its culture of achievement.

Politics is a triangle.

Many people think politics can be described by a horizontal line between left and right. In fact, this horizontal line is but the base of the political triangle. At the top of the political triangle is our Constitution. Those who support our Constitution, left or right, rise above the horizontal line in the direction of supporting true America. As they reach the peak, they converge.
Those who support our Constitution are not at some fictitious “extreme right” but are the top beacon showing the way for America.
Both the lower-left and the lower-right favor giving the federal government more power over the states and the people. Neither follow our Constitution. This is why both Democrats and Republicans who are not following our Constitution are helping to destroy America

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