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Obama’s Latest Scheme and Our Choice Between Freedom and Tyranny

• Lazarowitz

It seems that every day there is some new proposal or scheme coming from the federal government to remind us of the ruling class’s audacious craving for control. Well, here is a further example of the government’s fascism run amok, a scheme that has given me further reason to promote real freedom even more emphatically:

On Wednesday, November 9th at 2 PM Eastern, the Obama Administration will seize control over all radio and TV broadcast communications, to conduct a "test" of the Emergency Broadcast System. For the first time, however, there will be nothing any individual station can do to prevent it, and, unlike past tests which lasted for only roughly 30 seconds, this unusual test will last approximately 3½ minutes.

But, even though the government is supposed to announce that it is "only a test," and, given that it is to occur during the middle of a weekday, such a "test" still has potential to cause panic. Could the Obama Administration be subtly planning to incite anxiety and panic amongst the population? The evidence includes Obama flunkies such as ACORN having been intentionally inciting agitation at Wall Street protests, and Obama himself having been accused of incitement. It is therefore valid to suggest that the Administration is up to no good, such as testing a plan for something illicit, such as martial law. I have addressed possible Obama martial law here.

This reminds me of how FDR took advantage of much panic throughout America after the Crash of 1929 and during the Great Depression, in which he implemented one illicit scheme after another against the American people by the government. FDR seized control of whatever wealth that might have remained, through new restrictive regulatory policies, heavy tax-thefts and stealing the people’s gold. The real purpose of such schemes was to ensure votes for Democrats for all eternity.

Obama himself has been expanding his own executive powers as President, has unleashed S.W.A.T. teams to arrest student loan defaulters and seize guitar makers’ assets, as well as attempting to seize control over the entire health care industry.

Obama wants votes, he wants his Party to be in power, and he wants control. But in the end, he and most other politicians just do not want the people to have their freedom.

Now, I’m sure that some readers believe that I’m making a mountain out of a molehill with Obama’s latest scheme. But how can anyone not be suspicious when a government seizes control over all radio and TV frequencies, and for such a lengthy duration? Three whole minutes?

This 3-minutes-of-silence scheme, and the panic it may cause, is yet another reason why Americans are going to have to make a choice, and soon. The choice is between freedom and tyranny.

Unfortunately, some indoctrinated Americans believe that it’s worth waiting until the 2012 elections, and then we can get our freedom back. Sorry, that is just not realistic.


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Comment by James Eldridge
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"You can call me a "conspiracy theorist" if you wish." Add me to your list. I would stand with you if I knew where you were. Here I am alone in knowing these things that are being done. If I mention to my neighbors any of these things, all I get is a blank stare. That is only because they believe everything they hear off of the TV MSM. Yes we are being squeezed slowly so that we don't feel the pinch, and that day will come when everyone will know that it is too late to take the country back. Too bad for those of us that knew before hand about this. We will be caught in the current alone with those that called us "consporacy theorist".

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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...because they CAN. 

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