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I Do Not Play Games

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Comment by David Jackson
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      I don't know where this info comes from but, if it's from anywhere in the U.S., it's a crock! Integrity and honor (not to mention basic honesty and a sense of fair play) haven't been the norm in thias country since Christ was a lance corporal.

      As for any estimate of a majority of any cohort, anywhere in America, that even pretends to be valid in regard to the "better angels" of people, in general, has to be the most spurious of notions. MY fellow Americans are - at the dawn of the 21st Century - by and large, a major disappointment. I been around a lot of different cultures, but have never experienced the lack of even the most basic tenets of humanity and reasoned thought or action that have become normative behavior amongst the whining, complaining, arrogant little social parasites who people most of what passes for society.

      If people didn't over-estimate their social skills and statures, they'd probablysue someone for neglect. Or, blame their mothers.

      C'mon...We all know better. We're just not decent enough to admit it and attempt to correct it. I'd bet that, if there was money, sex, or a three-second stint on some ludicrous TV program as a reward for truth, you could find a lie with both hands.

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