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New Kent State Video Evidence Points Towards FBI Provocateuring


Known informant fired pistol, ran into arms of law officials

Steve Watson
November 7, 2011

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Over Forty Years ago the right to peacefully assemble and protest In America was fatally wounded and has been under attack ever since. The Kent State Massacre in May 1970 went down in history as a dark day for freedom of speech as four student protesters were shot dead by National Guard troops.

A small dedicated group continues to press to expose the truth regarding what really happened that day. Now more new evidence has emerged suggesting that the FBI were using provocateurs to incite the violence.

Newly uncovered video footage from the incident shows that a suspected FBI informant, who fired gunshots before the National Guard opened fire, ran to the safety of police and immediately handed over the gun.

The Kent State Truth Tribunal Facebook group takes up the story:

WATCH FBI informant provocateur Terry Norman, the young man in the light colored sports jacket. Earlier that day Norman’s mentor, Detective Tom Kelly from the Kent Police had attempted to have Norman’s gun approved for carrying on campus during the demonstrations, but that approval never came so it’s KEY that the video clearly shows Norman handing over his gun to Detective Kelly.

Watch the video ( specific point 1:07.40 through 1:08)

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Comment by David Jackson
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      For over 30 years, I've heard rumors to the effect that the 'incident" was engineered. Why is it only now that someone has come foreard with what could actually be proof? Having lived through the crap storm of whaqt was the "Oh so wonderful 60s and 70s United States', I can tell you that those who romanticize that particular "era" have their heads up their a----, and must have lived the dream in the same condition. There was so much subterfuge, government dirty trickery, police provocaturing, and general disengenuous manipulation and repudiation of every "American" value or collective pretense to decency and honor that anyone who experienced it could not have ignored its pervassive, detrimental social implications. We are living with the results, today...Just in case you are so brainwashed and mentally stunted as to believe that the current destruction of the American way of life is somehow a result of somehting that happened in the last couple of election cycles.

     (If you are too stupid or misinformed to know the difference, you are as much a part of the problem as the second-rate traitors and politocos who designed and built it, in the first place. It one thing to not know something, but, it's a very different thing to know it - or have access to the information - and not do anything about it. Being unaware is a whole lot different than being indifferent. If this is you, do the rest of us a favor and get the hell out of the way!)


Comment by Ed Price
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I don't know what the Kent State incident was all about. But 2 things are certain:

1. When people are happy with their leaders, they don't go about rioting.

2. People will often riot at the drop of a hat if they think they are being cheated, or if they think they can get more of whatever than they have now.

The point? If leaders cannot keep the people happy, but instead provoke them to riot, they shouldn't be in their capacity as leaders. They aren't leaders.

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