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Police Force Experts Shocked by Oakland Video

Campbell, holding the camera, moves slowly to his right, filming the line; Campbell is heard twice asking, "Is this OK?" "When I was approaching the line, an officer told me to stop and step back, so I stepped back 5 or 10 feet and started filming, and I asked if that was OK," he explained Monday. He said there was no reply until an officer raised a weapon and fired, striking him in the upper right thigh with a nonlethal projectile; the video ends with his crying out in pain. "At first I was just stunned, and in an immense amount of pain," he said. "It was just shock. I was extremely shaken. And since then what I'm really wondering is what was going through that person's head that made him think it was OK to shoot another person with a less-than-lethal weapon for doing absolutely nothing wrong."

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Comment by David Jackson
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      "Police experts'? I've known some people who were experts and just happened to be cops. I can't recall anyone who would qualify as a "police expert":  ass-kisser, sycophant, dilattante, "true believer", poser, enthusiast, buff, or sell-out, maybe, but hardly "expert"; knowledge of something is not evidence of skilldull or compent implementation or application.

       If I happened to be caught in a lie, I'd be the most astounded person on earth, when confronted with videoed proof. Wouldn't you?


Comment by Ed Price
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You Know? Police people are some of the greatest people I know most of the time. But they are people.

Police are under a great amount of stress. They are on stage. But unlike actors and actresses, it is real life.

I just did a Google search on the words "police brutality." Google said there are about 7,480,000 results.

Without having looked at the sites, and yet, understanding that most of the police are decent enough people, I come away with 2 major thoughts.
1. Police brutality in America has been going on for a very long time... maybe more than 100 years.
2. If all the people who were helped by the police, rather than being beaten by them, were to put their story into web pages, there would probably be thousands of times more Google results than there are for "police brutality."

Here is what I get out of it. There is an anonymous (semi-anonymous?) group of, probably extremely wealthy individuals, who are directing a few cops (small percentage) secretly, behind the scenes, scattered across the country, paying them off, to commit a large portion of the police brutality incidents. They are using the "brotherhood of police" as a peer tactic to keep the good cops from squealing on them.

What might their goal be? I can only guess two things:
1. They are trying to build a "Judge Dredd" type of organization out of Law Enforcement to diminish our rights to legal courts of law.
2. They are trying to make the populace angry enough at the police system, so that we disband the police. This would leave us without what is really a standing army, ready to protect us all in case there is a formal invasion by another country.

Either way, I recommend for the general population to buy a gun or 2, and lots of ammo, and get the training to use them. I would also recommend working with the local law enforcement in volunteer areas, to learn how para-military organization works. Why? Because we're going to need it if the current police actually become Judge Dredd, or if they are disbanded.

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