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How the War on Terror Has Militarized the Police

• The Atlantic Monthly
At around 9:00 a.m. on May 5, 2011, officers with the Pima County, Arizona, Sheriff's Department's Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) team surrounded the home of 26-year-old José Guerena, a former U.S. Marine and veteran of two tours of duty in Iraq, to serve a search warrant for narcotics. As the officers approached, Guerena lay sleeping in his bedroom after working the graveyard shift at a local mine. When his wife Vanessa woke him up, screaming that she had seen a man outside the window pointing a gun at her, Guerena grabbed his AR-15 rifle, instructed Vanessa to hide in the closet with their four-year old son, and left the bedroom to investigate. 

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Comment by David Jackson
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      9/11 might well be the most recent excuse to bring the cops under the umbrella of the federal government's fondest wish to establish a de facto, in-place "military force" to deal with what they are so sure is an inevitable social upheaval, as they continue their broad-based abuse of the citizens of the United States. But, 9/11 is not the genesis of the on-going "militarization of cops"; it's been goin on for over 30 years.

     There are numerous problems with this "program", not the least of which is that most cops can't find their asses with both hands when it comes to the safe and effective handling of firearms - simple handguns and shotguns, let alone properly and efficiently affect the tactical and functional implementtion of full-auto types of higher powered or extended-magazine-capacity style armaments. It's bad enough that a whole bunch of immature, inept, misfit, bullies and marginal personalities are running around with what is rapidly becoming a "license to murder", and a badge to prove it. The last thing any of us need is a gang of new gestapo thigs, doing the bidding of the powers, with what to most of them serves as a very poor substitute for cowardice, incomplete and improper training, some serious penis issues, and a systemic dislike and disrespect for everyone who isn't in law enforcement. For the government, it's a win-win:  The powers get an "almost free" armed "military substructure", and they can fall back on deniability and "innocence" if the cops screw something up.

     Curious minds might be interested in what it is that the cops get. They get considerable government (public) funding for their participation. They get to pretend that they are "operator", instead of government thugs. And, they get some level of access to "restricted" equipment and information. The entire process allows them to achieve some level of enhanced "social stature".

     As to what the public gets:  The public, as is the standard for any form of governmental intervention that includes law enforcement, GETS SCREWED! The public gets to foot the bill. The public gets to be murdered or otherwise abused by a cadre of inept thugs with access to weapons they know little about.At the end of the day, the public gets to be out-gunned by the people who are hell-bent on suppressing their rights, liberties, and freedoms. The very people who are, even now, at the so-called beginning, being forcefully manipulated into social, educatinal, political, and economic slavery. The only up-side is that you won't get kissed; this is a good thing, because you know where their mouths have been...!  

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