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What if the People Had the Power All Along? It’s Time to Remember: The Constitution Lobby!

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A profound program of well-organized Constitutional activism is now spreading across the United States empowering the People to reclaim Liberty and cure what ails America via the use of several long-forgotten, little-known Fundamental Rights which, per our founders Inspired design, ensure the Natural relationship between Men and the servant governments created to serve them.

Even the OWS movement has taken notice of the potential of these  profound Individual Rights protected by our Constitution.

Will you dare to exercise YOUR Sovereignty?
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  Wednesday, NOV. 9, 2011 -- 9:00pm-10:00pm Eastern

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Join us for a Webinar on NOVEMBER 9.

IMPORTANT! Constitution Lobby - National Call with Bob Schulz and Judith Whitmore.

Join us for a Webinar on November 9
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Presented by Robert Schulz and Judith Whitmore from WE THE PEOPLE CONGRESS, who are the incorporators for "We The People of New York, Inc" and working with citizens across America to bring a Constitution Lobby to every state, as well as organizers for the OWS Constitution Working Group, will be talking about the new website - - and what you can do now to help get We The People organized to restore our Constitution.



 Constitution Lobby National Call - November 2
 NOTE NEW TIME 9.00pm Eastern


 Wednesday, November 9, 2011


 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EDT

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Comment by David Jackson
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     Just who is going to "enforce" all this power and control? We have a perfectly good Comstitution; it would actually work pretty well, if the people who pretend to be its champions (congressional liars and their friends in high places) were a really in favor of personal and human rights and liberties - not to mention the simplest basics of day to day survival - for someone besides themselves and the idiots and fools they call friends and family; and, it's a bit late to expect the weak-willed wimps entitle- ment freaks, and lotto aspirants who are the majority voters to give up "their" American dreams. Never in history have so many disenchanted, disenfranchised, and disgruntled wage slaves and slackers so revelled so hardily in their misfortune. For most of world history, the folks who were being used and abused made some effort to improve their situations; believe it or not, it usually worked; the price, however, was sometimes rather steep - usually death, for a lot of them. Americans just send their kids to foreign countries to be slaughtered, so they can dance in the blood of the warriors, along with the assholes who make it a 'duty" to die for their fat-cat lives and the perpetuation of their chickenshit existences.

     Shame on all of us! Makes some of you proud, I suppose........

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