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NASA Releases Video of Giant Asteroid Heading Toward Earth

NASA has released a short video of the 1,300-foot-wide asteroid that came within 202,000 miles of Earth this week.

The video (embedded at the bottom of this post) was made using radar data obtained by NASA's Goldstone Solar System Radar. At the time, the asteroid, known as Asteroid 2005 YU55, was roughly 860,000 miles away from Earth

POST Tuesday, Nov. 8: Earth is set for a close encounter, astronomically speaking, Tuesday evening, when an aircraft carrier-sized asteroid comes closer to our planet than the moon.

The BBC reports that the 1,300-foot-wide asteroid, named Asteroid 2005 YU55, will be the largest asteroid we’ve seen since 1976. It won't be the first time this particular space rock has dropped in, but it is the closest 2005 YU55 has been to Earth since a similar flyby two centuries years ago.

But hold your horses, Harold Camping. Even if The End is nigh, it won't be from this asteroid. NASA officials say it poses no danger and won’t even be visible to the naked eye. Or, for those who like their assurances to come in more scientific terms: "2005 YU55 cannot hit Earth, at least over the interval that we can compute the motion reliably - which extends for several hundred years," said Lance Brenner of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


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