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Adam Kokesh Interviews a Nice, Warmongering Woman (video)

• The Daily Bell

Adam Kokesh is turning into some sort of National Treasure. From his protest-dancing at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial to his interviews at Occupy Wall Street (showing the inherent muddle-headedness of socialist protest) to THIS video, which ends in a climactic manner (we won't spoil the fun), he lets people dig their own holes – and then jump in.

In this video, he calmly and quietly confronts a nice, middle-aged woman who happens to believe a very specific dominant social theme. It is a pervasive meme – that Americans need to be "over there" so "they" don't come "over here." But it's just a meme. It's a promotion. Propaganda.

These wars are not being waged to protect the American Way of Life but to extend the hegemony of the Anglosphere power elite that is trying to take over the world. Americans are being lied to. They should wake up. Millions have died post-World War II in these nonsense wars to promote the Holy Grail of a one-world-order. And the pace of destruction is getting worse!

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