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Penn State Scandal: Rumor Claims Sandusky “Pimped Out” Boys to Rich Donors


Just when you thought the Penn State child sex-abuse scandal couldn't possibly get any worse, we may have just scratched the surface. Joe Paterno being fired could be just the start of arguably the biggest downfall in the history of college athletics.

Pittsburgh radio personality Mark Madden, who penned a column for the Beaver County Times back in April of this year named "Sandusky a State secret," a column which foreshadowed the recent scandal which has absolutely gutted those of us in the Penn State family, was a guest on the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show on WEEI sports talk radio out of Boston on Thursday morning. During his appearance, Madden, who has been mostly right regarding this issue from the very start, dropped what can only be called a bombshell, an announcement which could mean far more than the end of Joe Paterno's career.


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Comment by David Jackson
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      C'mon, folks...We know by now what sort of person Joe is and was. What about the freakshow that is football, anywhere in or out of the so-called educational sustem? What about the victims?

       Paterno is just another limp dick - no pun - in the on-going New Common Era...A prime example of the most common of people doing the most common (unfortunately) of things and being rewarded for their "efforts". If we could muster a laugh, it might be a joke.

        Who the hell care if Penn State does anything? They are just one amongst many in the brainwashing gulag that is American "higher" (lower) education. If they never play another game of any kind, the world will probably continue to (dys)function without missing a beat.

         As for the jockstraps - and their supporters - no pun - who can't seem to forego their idolatry of a small cadre of weak-willed perverts and marginal excuses for "men", tough it out, walk it off, KMA. 

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