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All You Need To Know About The Aptly Misnamed US "Supercommittee", Complete With Trading C

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While Europe stubbornly refuses to get off the pedestal of daily "risk On-Off" headline news disinformation, the time has come to shift our attention to the epic misnomer which is the US supercommittee, or the unelected sub-branch of the legislative body which is supposed to find $1.2 trillion in cuts to enact the debt ceiling hike that Obama passed in August so that America can spend itself into the drunken sailor coma. Incidentally, the country has already issued $700 billion in debt since then, and by the end of the week, total US debt will be just shy of $15.1 trillion. So at least the "benefit" of the debt ceiling, pardon, debt target hike has been implemented, if not any of the mandated budget cuts that are supposed to offset this. Unfortunately, they won't, because as the attached supercommittee trading cards created by JPM's Michael Cembalest demonstrate, as well as the associated Q&A from Goldman explaining all one needs to know about the supercommittee, hell has a better chance of freezing over than these 6 republicans and 6 democrats coming to some agreement.


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Comment by David Jackson
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      I thought we already had a "supercommittee". Seems to me we call it Congress.

      Has anyone come to their senses long enough lately to comprehend that we are being screwed day and night by the lunatic traitors who just don't have enough integrity to admit that they are a bunch of liars and losers, bent on taking this country down just to maintain their own pervese self-anointed political status. These assholes aren't even the best that money can buy. If anyone who knew the value of real wealth was involved in the process, these flakes wouldn't even make the first cut...It's no wonder they stroke each other and are loathe to expose the on-going supidity and treachery they promote.

     It's a damn shame that their parents weren't more atuned to the use of birth control. The world would likely be a much better, safer, and more productive place.

     The KMA doctrine isn't even close on this one!

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