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What Immigration Problem?

• richman

Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia have each enacted stringent laws aimed at curbing illegal immigration. Before saying more, let’s be clear about the alleged problem. What is an “illegal immigrant”? It’s simply a person — possessing natural rights, mind you — who comes to the United States without the permission of the U.S. government. Now isn’t it curious that in this country, which began in rebellion against and secession from an empire, people are upset about other people moving around without government permission? In revolutionary times the smuggler of goods was a hero, and the customs agent was a villain. If we were true to the best parts of our heritage today the “illegal” would be a hero, and the border agent would be a villain.

This shows how far we have slipped from America’s substantially libertarian origins. This is really quite sad.

Imagine if we Americans needed government permission to move from state to state. We’d be appalled at the hassle, not to mention the grave interference with our freedom. Would we put up with it? I hope not.


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Comment by John Kerr
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The problem with illegal immigration is that it is, well, illegal.  Without the Rule of Law, we would not have the protection of the Constitution.  You can not have one without the other.  Anarchy masquerading as libertarianism is pure folly and a formula for either mob rule or tyranny.  If you don't like our immigration policy, change the law.  If you don't like the concept of the Constitution, move somewhere else because the rest of us are willing to die for it's preservation.  The Constitution is under attack from all sides and the majority of Americans are simply fed up with what this country is turning into.  Ron Paul 2012.




Comment by David Jackson
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      Aren't we all just a bit tired of this crap?

      An "illegal" immigrant is someone who has entered the U.S. without prior (legally prescribed) authorization: a criminal. To equate anything that applies to illegal immigrants to the legal status of a U.S. citizen is typically convoluted logic, and an example of the B.S. that has reduced our rights and liberties to historical footnotes. Every country on earth has standards for immigration, and, some of them will even kill the people who try to circumvent them. It's time to stop pandering to the simple-minded ramblings of a bunch of pathetic social engineers, who'd make heroes out of border-jumping international criminals. It's time to stop supporting the illegals and to start prosecuting the people who enable them.

     There is a world of difference and over 200 years of blood and sweat between the border-jumpers and the early Americans who built this country. If I lived in Mexico and most of the rest of the southern portion of the Western World, I'd want the hell out, too. I'd probably be taking swimming lesson, right now. So what?

      As things turned out, this is the United States. As other things turned out, if you were born in the U.S., you were very fortunate. As things are, the rights and liberties that we are rapidly being cheated out of by government malfeasance and power-mongering are the RIGHTS OF CITIZENS...I won't ask why that isn't part of the argument...We all know that one can't reason with fools!

       I have friends who have given ewverything but their lives for this country, and they can't even get medical attention or a simple job. Those who aren't even willing to be properly processed, in order to gain access to what used to be the advantages of U.S. citizenship can KMA...As can those who would give the criminals a free ride!

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