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Veterans Day: Thanks but No Thanks


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Veterans Day: Thanks but No Thanks
by Tim Kelly, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day honors those citizens who fought in the U.S. government’s wars — wars supposedly waged to preserve Americans’ liberty. Most Americans uncritically accept this last part, and believe they owe the U.S. military a debt of gratitude for their freedom and independence.

This belief is so widely held that it has become a tenet of the country’s civic faith. However, it is just that — an article of faith — for there is scant evidence in history to support it. The unpleasant truth is that Americans have been continually led into unnecessary wars — wars that have actually infringed on American freedom and prosperity — by generations of duplicitous and megalomaniacal politicians.

This truth may be difficult to accept, especially for veterans who understandably want to believe their military service has been for a noble purpose. Nevertheless, concern for their feelings should not override the truth.

War entails confiscatory taxation, crushing debt, inflation, government management of the economy, regimentation, and infringements of civil liberties. War is big government on steroids.


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Comment by David Jackson
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      Mr. Kelly is on the money. However, his condemnation seems over-stated:  While the suhuman ofal who have sent us to war so often, for nothing but their own ignorance, stupidity, ineptitude, financial gain, political status, and failure as "diplomats", such mental defects shouldn't be ascribed to the soldiers who were forced to support the vile and treacherous machinations of a cadre of assholes, who are, to the person, devoid of any viable or valuable human characteristics. the "causes" might well be suspect, but it is not reasonable or factual to infer that the mena and women who fought for those causes did not act honorably. Any one of our millions of warriors is (was), on his or her worst day, worth more than the entire gang of political misfits who've ever peopled the U.S. government. Anyone who doesn't understand the difference is as worthless as the freakshow pretending to be America's elected body-politic, and champions of freedom and justice. American's owe much to the military. What they owe government is nothing, unless they feel they haven't paid enough for their own torment, suffering, and enslavement.  

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