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Ron Paul Veteran's Day Moneybomb - 11.11.11 - NOW!

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On the heels of Ron Paul's most powerful debate performance so far, the Ron Paul Support Them Now / Veteran's Day Moneybomb going on now!

Ron Paul receives more military donations than all the other GOP presidential candidates, and President Obama combined. As an Air Force veteran, Ron Paul not only understands what it means to serve his country, but he also understands the costs of an adventurous foreign policy. Both the blood and treasure of a nation are exhausted in a time of war, and Ron Paul is the only one who has been consistent in his support of a non-interventionist foreign policy for decades.


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Comment by George Voit
Entered on:

I am "detoxified" of disbelief that Mr. Tan can shoot down a lost fly in the air like Ron Paul. Now I am down and my feet are on the ground. On the ground, I can see that this group of little people will be so angry they will punch the wall.

Comment by Bernard Earlington
Entered on:

You are just brilliant VT. As I lend you my eyes and my ears, I wish you lend me your exceptional mind.

You described those who believed Ron Paul is a "nuisance", like Lynne Stevens who believes that Ron Paul is an annoyance to our body-politick [in his words, a "jerk"] as if you are a drug therapist. With a lot of years as a journalist behind me, I confess that I bow down to your writing prowess and taken by your intellectual charm. "A Ron Paul DETOXIFIER!" – what a gifted use of the best words there are by a very skillful writer that you are – landing right on top of the nail! You nailed it!

Comment by Venancio Tan
Entered on:


Lynne Stevens … are you waking them up?

Are you saying that Ron Paul thinks like he is on "weeds" for saying weird things in politics and economics that only a screwed up mind would say?

I ask this question because if you are, then it is hard to deny that millions of Americans are behind you when you said "I wish the jerk would just quit running for anything he is so farout in the weeds he must be smoking them!"

A handful of supporters "in the weed" who in a dream world believed Ron Paul should be President need help. Dream people like them who walk in their sleep or say something in their sleep, need to be detoxified because as a nuisance, millions of electorates believed they pose a hazard to the coming election.

What the public is reading here -- normal-thinking Americans expect the "moneybomb" supporters are concocting and fantasizing to explode in their face to wake them up to reality.

Me – I just expect Ron Paul to drop out of the nomination race anytime now as he usually do. After that silence will reign among a handful of his noisy supporters … calm as if one has just woke up from a long, dreamy night sleep.

Comment by Ken Valentine
Entered on:

 Well Lynne, we needn't ask who is destroying this country, the answer is people like you.

I hope you have children because if you get your way, this country is finished . . . over . . . kaput!

Comment by Lynne Stevens
Entered on:

I wish the jerk would just quit running for anything he is so farout in the weeds he must be smoking them  ! !

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