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The Once Great Alex Snitker

There is a lot to like about Alex Snitker.

In 2009, from out of nowhere, Alex leaped upon the Florida political stage and became the first Libertarian candidate for US Senate in this State’s history. This feisty former Marine showed a quick, aggressive style that earned him support and respect, and, moreover, inspired hope that a Libertarian Party could arise from the morass of self doubt, inaction, and poor leadership that had plagued the party. Every battle with the media or the major party candidates became our battle too. In short, he was a man we could rally around. I liked him from the moment I met him.

After the campaign was over he became a powerful voice in the Libertarian Party. He was a central character in the 2010 convention, an ardent advocate of better party planning and administration,and co-hosts the breakthrough “Liberty Underground” show for about a year now. He is, arguably, the best known Libertarian in the State of Florida.

But for weeks now I have been trying to come to grips with Alex’s switching parties to the Republicans so he can support his favorite Presidential candidate in the primaries. He says he will switch back as soon as he is finished voting , something he calls “voting for the man and not the party.” Alex says this is a no harm, no foul, kind of decision. Afterwards, we will all just get on with the business of getting Libertarians elected to office.

I don’t see it that way. Alex has caused us harm.


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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Right you are David. I registered Libertarian in 1974, and became a member of the Party in 1976. I didn't leave the Party in 2002 . . . the Party left me.

Comment by David Forty
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 Karl is full of shit. The Libertarian Party has turned into nothing. I was a mamber of the Libertarian Committee years ago and I watchhed the party degenerate into something I could no longer recognize as libertarian. The corruption and power plays rivaled the Republocrats so I quit. Today it's not uncommon to find so called Libertarians who actually think the Federal Reserve is a good thing, and they mock people who try to expose the plans for the New World Order. I think the party has been taken over by globalists. Alex is way to good for the Libertarians. The only harm that comes to them is by their own hands.

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