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Larken Rose Responds To Uproar About “When Should You Shoot A Cop”

On the same day I published my phone interview with the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center, Larken published his own video (see below). Both videos, Larken’s and mine, are in relation to the public attention his (Larken’s) post, “When Should You Shoot a Cop” has received in the last few months.

Occupy Crackdown by Charles Goyette 

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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The video interview by Ademo with the pirate who didn't want to reveal his name just validates even more how ignorant and apathetic these drones with gus and badges are. As the quote goes, "it is almost impossible to show someone the truth when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth."  Ademo should have asked this nazi if he knew what the first article of the Constitution read.

The hits just keep on coming.



Comment by DL Davis
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 Truly amazing that in the land of the ''free'' it is considered taboo to defend oneself against people in state issued costume. If the person wasn't wearing a costume and brutalized someone would that make people feel better about the defense? If the person who is beating a person to death has a state issued badge and the subsequence license to kill and a military style costume then self defense is out of the question? What kind of moral code is that anyway? A moral code that says one of group of people is allowed to beat, enslave, rob or murder another group.

what makes that first group so god like?  Why is it that those who consider themselves to free  have no right to defend themselves against one of these tax feeding parasites. why is it that the average american slave has such reverence for them that they will grovel before them like dogs.

perhaps because the average american citizen worships the state as their god. The enforcers for the state are considered angels and saints that can do no wrong. Truly amazing brainwashing there.  A very strong type of brainwashing that has lasted for decades. This attitude of abject obedience stands in the way of the people and their liberty. A mental shift back to the divine right of kings.

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Well JV, being as no one has even remotely implied -- much less said -- what you're saying, you're making yourself look like an idiot.

Comment by Anonymous
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Why don't we just make it simple. Anyone who thinks that in the name of liberty and freedom we should shoot all cops dead because only a dead cop is a good cop, is definitely a psychopath.

Comment by Temper Bay
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As one who carried a badge for 30 years, in all four levels of government, and as one too familiar with man's history - - - Rose is right. 

Comment by Greg Clement
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 Although I personally know law enforcement personnel who are "oath keepers", I do understand the basis for Mr. Rose's line of thought.  After viewing this and the video in which he presented the two party election system's degeneration into a pageant to perpetuate the sham notion of truly representative governanace in this nation today, I have to grudgingly admit, he could well be a contemporary Thomas Payne.


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