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Nearly half of your Representatives are millionaires

• ABC News

About 47 percent of Congress, or 249 current members are millionaires. … In 2010, the estimated median net worth of a current U.S. senator stood at an average of $2.56 million,” according to the Center’s research.

Despite the global  economic meltdown  in 2008 and the sluggish recovery that followed, that’s up about 7.6 percent  from an estimated median net worth of $2.38 million  in 2009 and up 13 percent from a median net worth of $2.27  million in 2008 

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Comment by Ed Price
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You know? It is a strange thing, imagining no Federal Government at all.

If we dissolved the Federal Government, the Federal Corporations would be dissolved as well. Instant, no more Federal Reserve Bank and no more IRS, Commerce or Export/Import taxes.

Also, our foreign embassies would need to be changed ahead of time. Why? There would be no more official military to protect them. Foreign nations would have free reign over any of our people in their country.

Our local police and county sheriff, along with the state National Guard people, would become the military that would make or break the 50 states. The people would almost be required to arm themselves, individually, just to assure themselves of their own personal safety.

Think about this. There are some really good and really bad things that would happen if we dissolved Federal government.

Comment by Ed Price
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This is such a hard thing to put into proper perspective.

None of us wants the local bar bum to be our Senator or Representative in Congress (Yes, I know. There might be question here.). Wealthy people have proved that they have the fortitude and the know-how to handle business. And that is what Government is all about. Even if it is not fascist, it is still business.

The question has to do with whose side they are on. Are they on our side as our representatives? Or are they on their own, or on that of big business?

When you look at the trouble in the economy these days, perhaps these business-minded folks in Gov't are not so business oriented after all. Either that, or else they are business oriented against us, the people.

Seems to me that we should try it a different way, just to see what might happen. After all, it doesn't look like it is getting any better.

The question is, if we try it a different way, dramatically changing the Constitution, or even removing it, are we ready to live for a short while without any Government-type restraints at all? What do you think?

Comment by James Eldridge
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"Fire all incumbents!! We desperately need a fresh start with our elected officials being reminded that they work for us." - I thought we tried that last election. What happened?

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