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VIDEO: Private Law Society (by Hans-Hermann Hoppe)

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One of the most disturbing points about the current OWS movement is its focus on punishment. "Wall Street," an aggregate community, must be "punished" for aggregate sins.

There seems to be little examination of what these sins are, however. Wall Street, in its initial composition, was a transactional business, a middle man. Middle-man prejudice, in fact, is a well known phenomenon.

There are REASONS that Wall Street in its modern form is abusive. It mostly has to do with the mingling of public and private interests together ... mercantilism. Mercantilism in this modern era is driven by central banking and the unlimited funds it gives to a shadowy elite that hides behind "rule of (state) law."

We've also heard the argument that fraud causes financial bubbles. But financial bubbles are caused by monetary inflation, which is the result of central banking overprinting of money. Financial bubbles may in turn CAUSE fraud, but to focus on punishing the fraud without shutting down the mechanism (money printing) is to allow the cause to go unchecked while focusing on the symptoms.


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