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Facebook is a CIA Databank

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg called his users ''dumb f****''?

by Sandeep Parwaga

In my Feb. 16 article ''Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts,'' I argued  that Facebook and Google data mine information about you. This is now public knowledge.


The Associated Press reported November 4 that the CIA has an entire center dedicated to monitoring Facebook and Twitter.  They also monitor TV stations and print newspapers [2] and [3].

"The Open Source Center," established in 2005 by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence [4], has been operating since the 9/11 Commission's  call for foreign counterintelligence.

Though the CIA claims it only monitors foreign activity, I am skeptical. Not only been the CIA been using proxies, but has devoted an entire center for that operation.

Facebook A Privacy-Eroding Network, Not Social Network

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg called his users ''dumb f****''? [5] If that is not a clear sign of the disdain for the Facebook users, consider these new disturbing facts.

Nik Cubrilovic, an entrepreneur, hacker and writer, revealed that Facebook tracked and stored the Internet browsing of its 750 million users even after they had left the site.  [7]

This blog story gained mainstream attention and Facebook conceded it had  happened, but denied it was intentional and used for tracking.

In my last article,...

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Isn't this site run exactly the same way as Facebook?....., with exactly the same motives?  Can't help but notice a lot of CIA shillness going on, The Breakfast Blub included.  I had a bad experience with Jason Shelton 4409 telling him about having been recruited to organize the think tank that got the roadway cameras out in 1998, during my divorce, and witnessing that the intention is microchip implantation by the banksters, which he seems to only facilitate hiding and does not want people to know.  (An "age sensored" video showed up vicariously/indirectly much later with 210,000 views, which he never so much as mentioned while we were going out-pursuant to Renee's recommendations while she was supposedly sending him pictures of her bare breasts- yes, they were just messing with me most likely).  Yes, Shelton admitted YouTube Fraud.  These shills focus on minutiae and try to take your money . These people are not struggling!  They are faking it to get into your pocketbook.  Then Jason Shelton, preferring CIA St. Louis theme restaurant Frashers, where the Shelton brothers gang resided (yes, prohibition, like as in the Banksters' beginnings- Also where the Mormons will unite as the Garden of Eden site:  Adamon Diamond).  "Je-wish" racketeering.  So, I get a little suspicious about how he and Renee Houlihan (9 aliases known, one is Myrtle Valdez age "33" fraudulent addresses attached to those names that are invalid mind you- yes Ms. Prayer warrior bible-whipper~who doesn't even know her scripture).  Phonies.  Watch your back.  I was warned, now I know why.  This is no small thing.  My father got murdered while listening to whistleblower Stew Webb, the guy who sent me to Ernie Hancock, to this site and to the Breakfast Club.  It is a Meyer Lansky's global mafia cult that ties to the Queen and the Vatican.  Their history is the Khazarian Empire.  People who hijacked and defiled Jewish identity as counterfeit-jews:  Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.  Nazi -Jews- which is a business plan of the money changers in Rome, they plan to bring back polygamy and caste systems (bringing the Mormon and Muslim agendas into their perverse New World order).  My ex-husband Mitchell Cohen is one these counterfeit Jewish racketeers.  They infiltrated government with drug money, and through the CIA and real estate fraud, they launder that money in their banks,usually tied to churches, like the Mormon and Catholic banks, and it goes way, way up to the Queen and Jesuits of Rome, modern day Pharisees.  The Zionist Jew is typically a member of this cult.  They convert to Judaism for amnesty protections, many in secret.  I do not believe from what Jason Shelton 4409 has shared with me that he even really got hurt, he didn't even have any medical bills, but pilfered with his Jewish lawyer shill (probably Ashkenazi-Khazar descent) $28,000 from the public coffers risk management - my exhusband was the risk management lawyer for Chandler-now I know why)... to get paid for his disinformation and games with fraud Jason Shelton 4409 wanted $70k!  I worked in personal injury years ago when it was more lucrative.  The city does NOT just hand out money like that.  Unless, the cop was a member of the "society" as well?  Give me a break people.  You are being had.  Couldn't help but notice a relationship between the last names Cohen and Shelton with bootlegging, which is how Bankster Rockefeller became an oil monopolist, whom I believe that  Jason Shelton 4409 and Renee Houlihan/Myrtle Valdez, whom ever the hell she really  is working FOR.  Sick.  I mean how pathetic and sick can two arrogant sell-out fools be?  I mean, they might be smart, but not THAT smart... pretty self-deceiving if they think people won't figure them out.  Looks like I am not the first one either.  Jason, I'd like my $100 donation back, based on fraud.  And I am prepared to go to court to do it.  Would you mind responding to that?  Including the software that you stole from me with my RFID purchase attached to it that you are committing pirating crimes with in my name.  And did my restraining order against Renee send the message that she will not intimidate me by threatening my livlihood while playing Mommy for your cowardly lying little face?  Renee threatened me with lies and fabrications, including a threatened a website of "recordings" that you two might have made of me for what Renee identifies as "voice-mapping" (my family already got a call from Canada with this technology) and that she will call all of my clients with a goal to disparage me with fraud?  People watch your backs.  Jason, you might think that you have a lot of credibility, but your attempts to ruin my activist contacts didn't work (Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard and retired lawyer exposing the Mormon part of this, including the Mormon involvement in 9/11, Doug Wallace).  It only outed who you really are.  A paid racketeering shill.  Who fakes being poor.  And I will thank you some day?  No thanks.  Did you get our last time together on film, Shelton?  Of course you did.  To add to all of the other sick racketeering lying shills, for which the last one alluded to his "last girlfriend's father being MURDERED by the mafia" and she also just so happened to "have sent all of her friends and clients emails inviting them to pay to get on her very own pornographic website"... so yes, absolutely, I believe that you sick people are shills.  I know that you are, but I can't prove it.  Throw your slander at me all you want, people are figuring out the tools used, and it only flags you out.  Every time I see that "nazi" video about fruit nazis, I laugh because these guys WORK for the nazis!  (George Bush shills:  Geoge Bush model of action is ADMIT NOTHING, DENY EVERYTHING AND COUNTER-ACCUSE) And they damn well know it!  They fake being the authority on a subject, given advantages to dominate in the movement.  Jason Shelton, were those tears real?  When you admitted that I was trouble and that you were afraid of what "other people" would do?  How could you let Renee do those things to me?  How could you be so cowardly.  I really liked you, and believed in you.  I can not believe that you can be this horrible of a person.  I just can't!  Thank God it ended sooner.  I just didn't want to see it.

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