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Medical Revolution Under Way

• arclein
Fully mature liver cells from laboratory mice have been transformed directly into functional neurons by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. It is the first time that cells have been shown to “leapfrog” from one fundamentally different tissue

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Comment by Ed Price
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From the link:

"What no one understands as yet is that we are a short breath away from completely mastering medicine! The direct result of that mastery will be as follows:"


"All this will happen soon and long before we get around to enhancing the human genome in any particular way that is significant."


What no one seems to understand is that the owners of the "medicine" will make tremendous profits, the poor people will not benefit at all because they cannot afford to do so, the corrupt wealthy will use it to live longer so that they can proceed with further corruption which will include, genocide for the world's populations until it gets down to at least as low as 1 billion in the whole world.

All you need to look at to understand this is the American Cancer Society (started 1913 - Wiki) and the American Heart Association (started 1924 - Wiki). Both of these organizations said at their beginning that in a few short years cancer and heart disease would be completely eliminated. How many years is a few short years?

How short of a breath are we away from "completely mastering medicine?" And if medicine is mastered, will it ever be used to help humanity in general? NEVER! Experience and history show that successful medicine will be used to destroy most people, and to make slaves of the rest... slaves to labor for the ruling elite.

Of course, when it happens this way, the history of the world will be rewritten to make it line up with the propaganda of the ruling class.

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