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Rolling Back the Myth of Good Government

• Vance

The government of the United States has secured the confidence and consent of the American people through myths of its benevolence, provision, innovation, achievements, scientific advances, educational system, and protection. It takes credit for everything good that happens in the economy and society, accepts no responsibility for its failures, and proposes more government as the cure for every bad thing that takes place.

Libertarians recognize that the federal government is the opposite of everything it claims to be. And even worse, it is a parasitic, wealth-destroying, wealth-redistributing monstrosity. Although many Americans see the federal government as corrupt, too many of them give the government the benefit of the doubt and have a naive confidence in government to at least keep them safe from polluted air and water, defective products, contaminated food, dangerous drugs, exploitation by their employers, discrimination in hiring and housing, and, of course, terrorism.


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