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The Lingering Stench Of Fascism

In trying to grasp the reasons why too many Amerikans still refuse to see what is happening to them, right in front of our eyes or on the Utube videos, has to do with our first collective experiences of these events. Because for many this is not only not the first time they've experienced this; but in fact what this nation is now undergoing has been happening now for decades-just not to the kinds of people that are going through it today.   The prison population of this country has never known very much of anything except these kinds of behaviors. During the Iraq War, what we saw in Abu Gharib was nothing new to prisoners in US maximum-security prisons. The rape, the torture, the dogs, the isolation and the nudity were nothing new here: but this information was not common knowledge inside Amerika, where those 'illegal practices' have been flourishing for decades. And on the streets of too many American inner-cities, we have seen exactly the same kinds of treatment of minorities, the brutally impoverished, and in general wherever any group is not part of the mainstream. The OCCUPY movement has imported people that are unfamiliar with traditional police thuggery into what has heretofore been the sole domain of rabid and demented officers that love to wallow in brutality and excessive force.  

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where does the facist ideology come from one source and that is the facist city state of the world any ideas as to who and that is the vatican pagan church who was given the autority under the rule that the emperors gave to it and then it is the revived roman empire and the revived babylonian empire since they own the non govt entity called the UN

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