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The Politics of Gold Investment

• Schiff

I think I know some lab mice that have received less examination than the 2012 Republican primary candidates. It seems with each passing cycle, the campaigning starts earlier, there are more debates, and the media frenzy gets more intense. Yet, with all the pyrotechnics and pageantry, it becomes difficult to figure out what these tricksters actually think when they're behind the curtain. Since the gold price is inextricably linked to the long-term fate of the US dollar, it's rather important for gold investors to be able to forecast how each candidate, if elected, would conduct his/her monetary policy.

Monetary policy is not nearly discussed enough in debates or television appearances – partly because too few viewers care about it, and partly because most candidates simply don't understand the subject. The most common monetary policy platform amounts to little more than, "I'm opposed to China's currency manipulation, and America needs a strong dollar!" (Little do they know that these two goals are right now in opposition.)

As we examine three frontrunners, it's important to remember that their future policies can be difficult to distil, but that their past records are likely to be a more effective indicator than their present rhetoric.


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