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Annual END THE FED Day Nov. 22nd

• End the Fed . ning and Dr. Ron Paul

There will be protests at every Federal Reserve Bank and office in the country in 38 cities. Activists will demand an end to private banker control over the nation’s money supply and the return to a hard, commodity backed monetary system. Their slogan is simple and direct: “End the Fed! Gold is Money!”. In researching the Salt Lake City Facility, I discovered (to my glee) to find that in September of 2001 the Fed opened up a Cash Processing Facility - HERE IN PHOENIX!!!!! That means that we don't have to travel out of state to show our disgust with this Crime of the Century!__________________________________________________

We do this every year.  You see the effects of what a small yet determined amount of individuals can do over time...

It's determining the Republican Presidential Nominee Outcome!

Well, we can't not do it again this year, but we have to mix it up to keep it 'fresh'. 


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Comment by Venancio Tan
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End the Fed – that’s not going to happen even though we want to with our own respective individual reasons! But yes, I endorse AntiAcidNo1’s and PureTrust’s Godly-inspired comments on how protest-marches should be conducted. We need that guidance badly in this hour of turbulence. For you two: May the Holy Ghost be with you always.

Comment by Richard Harding
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Good comment I just read when to behave while we march our protests in the street. Most marches are counter-productive when protesters are not behaving properly as if it is not a legitimate protest if there is no violence. Yes, we are "angry", but our thirst for justice cannot be quenched by blood we spill on the streets. It is a bad anti-climax to the realization of our desire, to our struggle and to our painful longing for justice.

Comment by Ed Price
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A march, or "Occupy," especially a large one, with thousands of marchers, is often made up of a few people who know what it is really all about, a bunch more who have a good idea what it is about, a load of folks who know something is up but don't really understand what they are marching for, and some rabble who will march for anything, ready to make trouble at the drop of a hat.

A march is a good place to get some faces behind your movement, to sell people in general that you are serious. What it should be used for is to sell your fellow marchers on the issues and principles in question, get serious fellow marchers contact info for further follow-up, and to get a feel for what the public thinks about your issues.

What a march should NOT be used for is to antagonize police, local neighborhoods, and local businesses. These people, the locals, are your friends. Often they would be completely on your side if they only knew what you were all about. But an extended march only invites criticism from the locals, and marshal law from local law enforcement.

Take the contact info that you get from fellow marchers, and follow up with everyone on the list. Since they were at the Occupy, and since they were willing to give you contact info, they probably are at least a little serious about effecting changes.

Once you get your group put together, use them to further your effort by Training them to, Advertise among the public, form and support your Propositions, Practice the right way for future peaceful Occupys, and to monitor, use, and uphold the local Voting processes. You will only bring trouble on yourselves if you make trouble. Instead, use your strength to make change in the right way.



Impossible to do this? Well, if you succeed directly with the Occupy rather than the vote, you will be showing that the vote and Government don't count. If the vote and Government don't count, then any Government crook who wants to mount terrorism and tyranny against you for any or no reason, will be able to do it without any fear of recourse. There will be civil war. And it will be a civil war in which many will lose lives. Most of you do not want this. So do it the right way.

Comment by David McElroy
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The Federal reserve Bank charter expires at the end of next year. Congress gave the banksters a 99 year charter in 1913, and they are wrapping up a century of pillage. Congress swhould merely let the FED charter expire, and repudiate any and all debts owed the private banking cartel. That would resolve our federal debt crisis. Let there be a jubilee! The Fed is not only a private corporation, its' stockholders are largely comprised of foreign banks like the Bank of England. The Rothschild, Windsor, and Rockefeller families dominate FED policies for their own greedy pursuits of profits and powers. End the FED!

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