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The Latest Whitewash of JFK's Murder

• Cinque

I am shocked and staggered by this evening’s presentation of The Lost Bullet on National Geographic television. Sure, I expected it to be one-sided and misleading in its defense of the Warren Report concerning the murder of President Kennedy. But no, I did not think they would resort to such outrageous tactics and woefully corrupt reasoning.

First, the program, which was directed by journalist Max Holland, started with a lie. That lie was that researchers, of all stripes, including conspiracy theorists, agree that only 3 shots were fired that day: one that went through Kennedy and Connally; one that blew Kennedy’s head off; and one that missed completely and nicked a bystander, James Teague. No! Only Warren Report devotees claim that. Every single JFK researcher that I know of claims that more than 3 shots were fired. And, conspiracy researchers most certainly do not accept the single bullet theory, that one pristine "magic" bullet caused all 7 wounds in Kennedy and Connally and then emerged unscathed on a stretcher at Parkland Hospital after falling out of Connally’s thigh.

The word they used on the program was "consensus." They said there was a "consensus" about those things, and therefore, they were able to assume them, which they did.

Do you see how easy television journalism is? All you have to do is say that something is true, and act like it’s true, and as long as you control the camera and the microphone, you can get away with it. It was a bold-faced lie. I am calling you a liar, Holland!

So, they started by laying that out and acting like it was all beyond reproach. And then they said that although controversies persist, the answer is to figure out what happened to the missing bullet. They maintained that two of the bullets (the magic bullet and the one that caused the fatal head shot) were accounted for, but the first bullet that missed completely was unaccounted for. Hence, the title of the program: The Lost Bullet.

But, even though it was the last shot, they began by examining the fatal head shot. They acknowledged the controversy: that many people believe that the shot came from the direction of the Grassy Knoll, and they attributed that to two things: the fact that the area was closest to the limousine at the time, and the fact that Kennedy’s head went back and to the left. So, how did they deal with that?


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Comment by Anonymous
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Meyer Lanskey's global RICO syndicate infiltrated gov of all areas, as freemasonry I suspect is a great tool of the Zionist global enterprise.  It goes up to the Queen and the Vatican, as if this Jew-ish racketeering (Kennedy passed the RICO laws of 1961 to protect us from this) and it certainly fits the bill of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 counterfeit Jews are the kings men of today...    So to say that the government did it?  Well, infiltrators of Khazarian Empire "Jewish" racketeering did it.  To control the honey from the government hive and facilitate their Zionist one world banking monopoly.   They continue to pilfer all other coffers with fraudulent lawsuits, faked injuries/damages.  Organized crime's hugest honeypot today has reached healthcare fraud, the true reason for HIPPA laws.   Mitt Romney and the Bush's are right on top of that!


Comment by TL Winslow
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Obviously if the JFK assassination was done by our own govt., it signalled a New World Order that's not of the People and is still in power. The way the govt. told people what happened from day one rather than investigated what happened stinks. Even today the coverup continues. Instead of  falling for it, try scoping JFK the most  powerful way in your browser free with the Historyscoper and see how deep his rabbit hole goes:



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