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And You Are Still Voting for the Incumbent? Toss Them All (Part Two): The United States Senate

Why would anyone vote for an incumbent (i.e., Jon Kyl-Republican Wing of the Washington Party) who has been instrumental in creating a seven hundred billion dollar trade deficit which has directly led to the loss of quality American jobs? Jon Kyl continues to be the water boy for the Bush rank and file. Kyl fully supports the Bush "War for Oil" in Iraq which is fleecing the American public to the tune of a billion dollars per week. His lack of ethics is exemplified by the fact that while he was sponsoring a $6.5 billion dollar tax break for Exxon Mobil, he was collecting stock dividends and campaign contributions from the same oil company. Kyl is one of the best friends that big pharma has in the Senate as he has consistently voted to block Americans right to sue over medical malpractice. He has not been a friend to Arizona's senior citizens with his voting record on Medicare and Social Security as he has consistently voted against senior interests. Kyl's forsaking of Arizona's senior citizens is all in the name of what it is in the best interest of big pharma and the insurance companies. Kyl is complicit in letting the border situation become the crisis that it is today. Kyl is also an implicit supporter in the corporations' quest for cheap labor from this new class of illegal immigrants. A Jon Kyl election victory is a victory for $5 per gallon gasoline, the throw away of young American lives in the illegal Iraq war, higher prescription prices for seniors and the continued erosion of our Constitutional liberties as Kyl has stood with Bush on Patriot Acts I and II and the Military Commission Act of 2006. Arizonans need no further reason vote Kyl out of office than his yes vote for a 700 mile border fence to cover a 2000 mile border! And we are calling this immigration reform? How many billions are we spending on this monstrosity? Does Kyl really think we are that stupid, or is he?

Jim Pederson (Democratic Wing of the Washington Party) has accurately exposed Kyl's servitude to special interests. However, Pederson lacks a comprehensive plan. In Pederson's best imitation of Yogi Berra, his solution to the war of Iraq is move the troops out of Baghdad to the Iraqi countryside (huh?). Gee, Jim, won't we still be involved in an illegal and immoral war?

Richard Mack remains the only viable candidate for members of the middle class and his stance on the issues proves it. This is why Kyl and Pederson worked so hard to exclude Mack from the debates. Mack essentially believes that the answer to our dilemmas lies in simply following what is written in the Constitution. He favors less government intrusion into our lives, the right to keep and bear arms, less taxes, no participation in undeclared wars and the repeal of the flagrant and repeated constitutional violations of this Congress and President. Arizona voters are understandably afraid to throw away their vote on a third party candidate. However, it is time for Arizona and the rest of the country to break their addiction to the Democrats and Republicans. Our country is in deep trouble and if we keep voting for the same people from the same corporate controlled political parties, we are inviting disaster. A vote for Kyl, or Pederson, is a throw away vote and constitutes a betrayal of the American middle class. Haven't you had enough? Richard Mack should be elected to the United States Senate.

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I am voting for Richard Mack for U.S. Senator. I have heard a number of people say they prefer Mack but that he can't win and they would be wasting their vote.So, it is a choice for the lessor of two evils. If we keep thinking that way, we will never clean up the mess in Wash. DC.

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