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Christians in the Crosshairs

Our first amendment right to free speech is in grave danger. Our right to speak the truth of God is now being placed in dire jeopardy through the criminalization of traditional Christian ideology. We very well might be witnessing the beginning of a low-grade form of a “Christian Holocaust” in the United States .  
Disguised as a Hate-Crimes bill, HR 1592, through Congress, is furiously working to create civil and criminal penalties for non-politically correct views.
Already, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that city employees are within their rights to ban the word, “marriage,” in the workplace because the word constitutes a hate speech crime and such personal biases could potentially intimidate homosexual and bisexual workers. As if this was not bad enough, HR 1592 goes much further in its reach to further the homosexual agenda as it is a discriminatory measure which criminalizes thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and has the very real potential of destroying our religious liberty and freedom of speech.
 HR 1592 will even criminalize the preaching and teaching of the biblical admonitions against such deviant sexual practices such as sodomy. Preaching on these and other homosexual related topics will be punishable by the imprisonment of clergy which violate the homosexual friendly law even when the words are spoken from their privately owned pulpits.  

HR 1592 creates a privileged class of individuals, homosexuals, and makes them immune from any sense of personal discomfort, criticism or admonition. Under this law, any attempt to lovingly preach the word of God as an active discouragement from the homosexual lifestyle is a criminal act. In Pennsylvania , Lynda Beckman, a 70 year old grandmother of 10, faced 47 years of imprisonment, for violating one of the first hate crimes legislation protecting homosexuals from criticism, for daring to pass out Christian literature at homosexual rally while standing on a publicly owned sidewalk.

How far will these homosexual protections extend? Will the Bible soon become a banned book because of its active derision of the homosexual lifestyle? Remember, where they burn books, they soon burn people. Will I be coerced, as a father of a young boy, to forsake my teachings of the Christian lifestyle which prohibits people from engaging in homosexual acts?

Personally, I don’t waste my time and energy worrying about people do behind closed doors as I believe in leaving the judgment to God. Also, when private citizens take it upon themselves to harm homosexuals, there are already laws in effect (e.g., assault, harassment, etc.) which serve to protect all citizens from harm. However, when deviant members of my government attempt to silence my constitutional right to follow the tenets of my religion and to pass these tenets along to the next generation, namely my son, then I must sit up and take action. How far will this insanity be allowed to go? Will the next group of protected “victims” to cry hate-crimes foul, be the Pedophiles who terrorize our children? If you think this latest statement is an over-exaggeration, then read the beliefs of the Man-Boy Love Association where they have openly advocated “Sex before (age) eight, before its too late”. If the government is intent on banning free speech, I just made my first nomination.

Where is the equity? Will homosexuals go to jail for criticizing Christians and Christian beliefs? Not likely! The figurative landscape is filled with Crosses, which carries the names of Christians on them, and soon many of us could be literally and figuratively hanging from these crosses for our beliefs in God, Jesus and the Bible. Is there any end in sight to this anti-American insanity?

Does anybody remember the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire ? One of the key reasons for Rome’s demise was moral decadence which history labels as the existence of and practice of “serial fornication, homosexuality, bestiality, the emergence of a prostitutes guild for the purpose of lobbying the Roman Senate and the maintenance of homosexual and heterosexual concubines” by the rich landholding class. How quickly we forget the lessons of history.

You would be wise to familiarize yourself with the Ark of the Covenant from the Earth Charter. Simply “Google” the “Earth Charter and the United Nations” and if you are a Bible-believing Christian, you will soon discover that this “New Age” of “anything goes” religion is going to be reigned in at your expense. Soon all capitulating Christians could be chanting “All hail GAIA.”

In an email sent to me, dated 4/23, the good Reverend, Louis Sheldon, who represents over 40,000 churches, stated that the Democrats, who are responsible for initiating the hate-crimes issue, "have sold out to the homosexual agenda." While it is true that this deviant legislation is brought to you by the Democrats, it will need the majority of Republicans to approve this bill in order to become law. And we are still supporting the two party system by being a member of the Democrat or Republican party? Thank God for the Constitution Party; the last remaining hope for America and her traditional ideals.

Am I the only one to notice that we are in grave danger of losing our country? With the job-sucking trade agreements, unchecked illegal immigration, the formation of the sovereignty destroying North American Union, the Real ID Card, the destruction of Habeas Corpus and now this latest attack upon our civil liberties through the attempted destruction of our nation’s largest religion, Americans are in real trouble. How can any of you call yourself either a Democrat or a Republican, and an American, in the same breath, as we see our country, and all that it once stood for, fade away in the rear view mirror of history? I never thought I would simultaneously see the scenarios 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 come true in my lifetime. Both scenarios are right here, right now!

What are we going to do about this? We will acquiesce in the same manner as we have with every other constitutional violation over the past five years?

If so, we have met the enemy and he is us!




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Comment by Ed Price
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As libertarians have asked in the past, what is the agreement between the public and those in government office?

Who has been fulfilling the agreement and who hasn't?

Who is required to obey something not in the agreement and why?

How can we proceed to safely disobey something we were never required to obey without being attacked by "our" powerful and dictatorial "government" that really isn't our government because we didn't agree to their actions?

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