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Americans know more about Paris Hilton than they do about their own senators.  Blond babe Paris drives drunk while Congress drives like the captain of the Titanic. 
Last week, top dogs in Congress got smacked for their historic S. 1348 amnesty bill. 
Ann Coulter condemned it as a “Roach Motel” bill.   Robert Rector said it would cost American taxpayers $2.3 trillion.  The 2006 Fogel/Martin Report on “U.S. Population Projections” estimated an amnesty would add 70 million immigrants in 33 years.  Columnist George Will, Congressman Newt Gingrich and William F. Buckley opposed it.   The biggest guns in the senate--Harry Reid, John McCain, Jon Kyl, Mitch McConnell, Arlen Specter and Teddy Kennedy supported it.  President Bush begged for its passage.   Why did Senate Bill 1348 giving amnesty to 12 million illegal migrants fail?  Good question!   When a bill enjoys presidential backing and a democratically dominated Congress, a ‘slam dunk’ by LeBron James couldn’t seem any easier.   Instead, Teddy Kennedy wound up with high blood pressure, a blown gasket and  nose bleed.  John McCain’s presidential bid hit the bench.  Reid, the U.S. Senate’s first-team waterboy, couldn’t find Gatorade with one hand.  Kyl’s face needed two towels to wipe off all the sweat.  The rest of the benched team couldn’t find their butts with both hands.   For the first time in history, the power of the Internet, phone calls and faxes by a growing ‘critical mass’ of knowledgeable, action-oriented Americans turned ‘nothing but net’ into a ‘technical foul’ called on Congress.   Thomas Jefferson said the common citizen created the foundation for a Constitutional Republic.  He said the average citizen’s impact moved the Republic forward toward the greater good.  After last week, TJ smiles in his grave at Monticello in Virginia.  
That bill died because it failed American citizens and legal immigrants. It failed because it allowed lawlessness to become lawful.  It failed because it countered every aspect of the U.S. Constitution.  It bore into the American sense of justice.  It failed because it reran the 1986 amnesty by the same culprits—Kennedy and McCain.  It failed because American citizens see their country pulled out from under them.  And, like the Terminator, their eyes got bigger, their hearts beat faster, their computers hummed and they gnashed their teeth with purpose. 
First of all, few of the senators read the contents of the 800 page
document.  Few ever read such laborious bills.  The 1996 Telecom Bill proved that!  It turned out to be the biggest giveaway and corruption scheme in American history. 
Once the Internet posted what the bill held in store for Americans, it
‘slam-dunked’ all the major TV networks.  It sped into average citizens’ homes.  It preempted ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox.  It educated and activated.
A small group from NumbersUSA.com jumped from 50,000 members to 390,000 members in the past two years.  It sent 750,000 faxes to senators in May alone.  Its members educated every Tom, Dick, Harry and Martha, Jane and Paula on the Internet. 
Other groups like Firecoalition.com created by a West Point graduate and former Army officer, Jason Mrocheck, reached millions with action-grams. William Gheen of Alipac.us jumped all over the airwaves talking on radio and TV.
As field leaders in every state sent out alerts, the Internet churned the news with whom to call, who to write and who to fax—to insist their voices be heard.  Senators’ phones lit up from dawn to dusk with angry, educated and motivated Americans.
Why so powerful a response?  Senate Bill 1348 usurped the rule of law, undercut the U.S. Constitution and ran counter to the fact that 12 million illegal alien migrants did not deserve a free pass toward
citizenship for their illegality.  It degraded citizenship to the highest
bidder while remaining an affront to all legal immigrants.  It allowed
corrupt corporations off the hook while it kept an unending line of
America’s 21st century slave class pouring into the heartland.
Senate Bill 1348 did not solve loss of jobs and depressed wages for
America’s lower and middle class. It failed to defend the borders.  It failed the fundamental integrity of citizenship.  It would cost America its language, culture and soul.
This Congress must serve the citizens of the United States.  Not money, not corporations, not illegality and not illegal migrants no matter what their excuse!
When Congress serves Americans with a bill that brings “Attrition through Enforcement”, a reduced immigration plan to sustainable levels, stops anchor babies, stops chain migration, stops medical and educational giveaways paid for by taxpayers—it will enlist the cheers of the home team as it ‘slam dunks’ for our side—the citizens of the United States of America.

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Great article! This WAS a victory for the tax-paying, law-abiding citizens of America. McCain, et al. were in denial about the economy-crippling costs of the bill; they didn't want to face up to that
because to do so would be to admit that their beloved welfare state was a TOTAL FAILURE!!
Well, we the people understand. We are not racists. We are not bigots. We also understand that hospitals, schools cannot be created out of thin air, that someone has to work to produce them. We are hardworking men and women of every race and color. And the PC politically correct crowd in Washington didn't think we "got it." But we did. And we made them back down (for now). We said NO to lawbreaking, NO to redistributionist welfare, NO to rewarding sloth while punishing success. We understand what enables us to live so well in America (hard work, the rule of law), and how blessed we are to be Americans. And we gave the politicos in Wshington an important lesson.