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Promoting Government Power

Making people and drugs illegal promotes government power.  Demanding that government officials investigate and institute government identification cards for individuals, and building walls to keep people out of the United States gives government officials more power over the populace, not exactly what the founders had in mind when they installed a central government under the Constitution.    Even the old Soviet Union tried to control the movement of drugs and people and failed miserably. 
One of the major reasons the founders created the Constitution was to open the borders between the thirteen individual colonies (countries) in order that individuals and goods could cross into Maryland from Virginia, for instance, without limitation.  There was no requirement to possess a passport or a national ID card. 
Laws against murder, rape, theft, and fraud all existed and if an individual committed any or all of those types of crimes the purpose of government officials was to prosecute those that committed such transgressions.  There was also no government welfare programs, no government health care programs, no government housing, no government schooling, and all of the other needed goods and services provided by government officials today for individuals to exist. 
In other words no American or foreigner was given nor had the availability of government programs being handed out to them in any way, shape, or form.  Those programs just did not exist nor were they expected to exist.  The expectations of all government officials were to keep the peace and prosecute those who did not. 
The reason many individuals today keep demanding government officials to control people and drugs is a result of all of the government programs that government officials are now expected to administer.  Now there are even demands that local peacekeepers go after so-called illegals.  On top of that private companies and business owners are now being required to police others making sure they are “legal” just like they are required to be the tax collector for the government. 
If none of the current government housing, education, health care, and welfare programs were available for every individual, Americans and foreigners alike, there would be no need for all of government control being heaped upon everyone.  There would be no need for passports and national ID cards and inspections at airports and on the highways.  There would also be no need for most of the taxation that exists today that severely hampers individuals to grow economically, especially those on the lower end of the economic ladder. 
Making drugs illegal promotes more government power and the need for more government officials to enforce even more laws that are also stacked upon the citizenry making it a greater chance that an innocent individual becomes a criminal.  More drug laws result in more crime, which results in more need for government officials to administer more prisons and the cycle continues.  Government officials wind up spending more time and money in areas they are not constitutionally authorized. 
Having open borders and putting drugs under the control of a free market reduces crime, reduces the need for more prison space, reduces the threat of terrorism, and increases the chance for a more peaceful world. 
Opening borders to people and drugs does not automatically mean terrorists enter the United States.  If terrorists are Americans, then those criminals are already here.  If they are foreigners, even the most stringent controls do not keep them out, especially walls.  If foreigners are suspected terrorists trying to come into the United States, then government officials are to use the standard legal means to apprehend them and have them extradited.  Besides, government officials, through abandonment of the principles of liberty found in the Constitution, increase the chance of more individuals becoming terrorists.
By demanding more from government American society sinks ever deeper into the quicksand of tyranny.  If Americans truly want more freedom and less power aggrandizement by government officials, then Americans must stop turning to government officials to solve every situation that arises.  The founders understood this.  So can 21st century Americans.  

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Comment by Michael Shoen
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P.S. For my website, see www.shoenforcongress.com. Best, Michael Shoen

Comment by Morpheus
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you said it right there "There would also be no need for most of the taxation that exists today that severely hampers individuals to grow economically, especially those on the lower end of the economic ladder." The whole system is put in place to do exactly that keep the status quo EXACTLY where it is. The elitists NEED, REQUIRE and MUST HAVE people to be economically at the low end of the spectrum to ensure their position at the TOP of the pyramid.

Comment by Michael Shoen
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Howard has hit the nail on the head. The feds will do anything, support any side of any issue as long as it increases their power and decreases the power and freedom of the citizen. Trust the federal government to solve our problems by yet another law? Wow! Where have we been these last 60 years? This government will grow until it implodes, explodes, dies of its own weight or is overthrown by our grandchildren who have been sickened by their grandparents inaction and cowardice. Our number one enemy is the feds. Enemy number two is the lying mainstream media. Forget all the chatter about "liberal" and "conservative", "republican" and "democrat". This is just diversionary trivia. The main issue is that all those liberals, conservatives, democrats and republicans in power are statists who increase their power by robbing us of our money and our freedom. Ron Paul stands out because he is the only person in the establishment who opposes these statists. The feds will not solve my problems. I will solve my problems by getting rid of the feds. Go Ron Paul. Thank you Howard Blitz.

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