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Why don't we care about loss of life abroad?

I like this website called InformationClearingHouse.Info or ICH. I know other contributors here at FreedomsPhoenix do too, becasuse I see a lot of cross-posts.
ICH is kind of liberal historically but has increasingly become a meeting ground for the "hard left and the hard right" as I call it. But given as it's very well representative of the hard right, it's very well popolated with global issues. With other countries. Foreign nations and people. Not topics that us R3VOlUTIONARIES spend an abundant amount of time on. Not compared to the hard left. They spend a LOT of time on civillian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. They maintain a constant representation of the cost of war in these and other nations.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the comment boards on ICH attract commentators from these nations. We actually get to talk to them. And one way to paraphrase the questions we hear are "when are you going to wake up and see what you are doing?"

And I know what to tell them, but the news ain't good. See, we're not, as a whole populace, in wake-up mode regarding the suffering of others in the USA just now. We're looking at our own catastrophes like the loss of the second sports-car, beach-house or time-share in Mexico.

Want to know how serious I am, I ask them? This is how serious. I don't see too many yellow ribbons on cars anymore and the ones I see are faded. Sure there are the die hards, but it's mostly "yeah, I got a nephew in Iraq". And, somewhat incredibly to me, I still hear people talking proudly about their sons and daughters joining the service. Some of these same people will complain about the economy, the current administration, even the dang war itself. Somehow going into the service is still a right of passage in "flyover country".
The war isn't much of a news item anymore, it's just another job. Everybody is having a hard time. Everybody has to pay the bills.
See, we're not very sensitive to Iraqi suffering per se, because we really don't give a shit about our own people per se. I think we're learning not to really give a shit about ourselves.

I'll tell you a story. When the Soviet Union collapsed, we had sudden access to a whole bunch of intel that we didn't before. We had access to the records, we had the operatives that wrote them available for interview. It wasn't hard for us to "gather intel" at that point because everybody who could interpret it had no job or if they did, they hadn't been paid in months and if they had been, their currency was amlost worthless and even if they had a valuable currency, it wasn't easy to find anything much to buy.

See, their economy had shut down. Nothing really functioned. So these guys marketed themselves and their knowlege for cheap. But that's only part of the story.

We learned that the Soviets spent lavishly on propagandizing their people, about the same percentage we did at the time. The difference is they knew that everybody knew their propaganda was bullshit. Americans in the USA, then as now, believe our propaganda.

So to extrapolate, I suggest that our reaction, or lack of reaction to our soldiers dying, and civillians dying by the boatload in Iraq, Afghanistan and historically, many other places, is an effect of how we are propagandized. To us, it's entertainment. It's no mistake or coincidence of history that our propaganda machine was birthed in Hollywood. It's no mistake or coincidence our news media is owned by the entertainment media which is in turn owned by the corporate-financial-military complex.

See, to most of us, the war was a kickass reality show, but it's played for a few seasons and we're bored. Besides, we've seen it all before. Cops breaking down doors, celebrities being trained to be cops, normal people being trained to be celebrities, everybody gets to be a hero for 5 minutes and we all go back to doing "America's Toughest Something Or Other". They have us all convinced we have the same shitty lives.

Therefore, we might not as contemporary Americans represent the laziest, stupidest, most selfish and ignorant people in human history, but perhaps the most brainwashed. It's not a strong case, but it's something to consider.

P.S. If you check  out the site http://InformationClearingHouse.Info, notice that there's no advertising and no editorial board indicated. It's all the effort of one person voluntarily providing a resource. But it costs money to maintain. Please consider making a donation on site with the Paypal donation feature you find rather inconspicuously displayed.

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Comment by Frank Henry
Entered on:
We may be at a place where "we don't care about
loss of life" for reasons of many small steps that
got us here.

Some steps for thought to get us back to caring:

Step 1:

One small step we could take is to re-astablish the
DRAFT. This will wake-up a lot of people akin to
level that existed during the US involvement in

Step 2:

Every citizen of US serve in the military for two

Step 3:

Every citizen of US serve two years in conumity

What say ye?

Thnks ansd Good Luck.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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America! Would you rather protect your own country,OR!
Invade a country,and Kill its people?
Answer:We would rather Invade a country and Kill innocent men,women,and children.
Why? Because we are stupid as hell,that`s why!
That`s what we learn in school.
Our recruiters tell us that we are helping to save America,and we believe them.
Remember!!! The "Constitution" is only a "God Damed Piece of Paper",so say`s the Nazi "GW Bush"..ya know him?he`s your leader.
You people want to change Washington...what a joke.You can`t even control you own Lying,Comi Media,and you want to change Washington....ha ha ha ha ha....go find someone that believes your bull shit...in our country,the American News is on a "Comedy Channel".

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Americans youth is more incline to kill innocent men,women,and children than they are to save their own country.....how stupid is that?
What are you teaching you children,Oh Great America?