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This past week, in Detroit, Michigan, a group of Muslim immigrants engaged the FBI in a gun battle. 

Journalists Paul Egan and Oralandar Brand-Williams of The Detroit News wrote, “The leader of a Detroit mosque who allegedly espoused violence and separatism was shot and killed Wednesday by the FBI in a gun battle at a Dearborn warehouse. Luqman Ameen Abdullah, imam of the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque in Detroit, was being arrested on a raft of federal charges including conspiracy, receipt of stolen goods, and firearms offenses. Charges were also filed against 11 of Abdullah's followers. Eight were in custody Wednesday night awaiting detention hearings today; three remained at large. A federal complaint filed Wednesday identified Abdullah, 53, also known as Christopher Thomas, as "a highly placed leader of a nationwide radical fundamentalist Sunni group." His black Muslim group calls itself "Ummah," or the brotherhood, and wants to establish a separate state within the United States governed by Sharia law, Interim U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg and Andrew Arena, FBI special agent in charge in Detroit, said in a joint statement.”

While most Americans ignore that minor incident in Detroit, it proves indicative of a larger dilemma facing the United States’ immigration policy.  Former President Bush in 2008, began importing 1,000 Iraqi immigrant refugees into the USA monthly.  He jumped that to 19,000 a year for 2009.  President Obama, earlier this year, signed a bill to add thousands more from Palestine.

How long can a country maintain its own language, culture and identity in the wake of endless immigration from cultures that do not assimilate into the host country?  What happens when immigrant numbers grow greater than the native people?

For a simple example, look to North America in 1492 where 522 Indian tribes lived upon the land for centuries without change to their languages, religions and cultures.  They enjoyed their ‘space’ all around America. The Blackfeet ‘ruled’ Montana. The Apache occupied Arizona, etc. The Seminoles lived in Florida.  The Chippewa owned Michigan, etc.

By 1850, white settlers slaughtered millions of them and sent them to reservations.  In the Smithsonian Indian exhibit in Washington DC, gives the reason for the destruction of the indigenous people of North America: “After first contact, the main destruction of the red man stemmed from guns, disease, the Bible and alcohol.”

Samuel P. Huntington said, "The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."

Today, American Indians suffer on reservations with 80 plus percent alcoholism, lost languages, loss of religion, cultures and ways of life.  We subdued them, so much so, they could not respond to our onslaught.

But enter the 21st century and enter Islam.  Muslims now fan out around the world with one “prime directive” to “…convert or kill non-believers.”  Muslims, whether peaceful or radical, they all follow the same edict in their Koran. Given enough numbers, they overwhelm their host country.

Example: Holland fights for its life today.  It suspended any further immigration by Muslims last year. They pay immigrants to go back home.  France mandated that all immigrants must speak French and no more wearing of the burka. Great Britain cowers under growing Sharia Law and more emboldened numbers of Muslims.  They will not recover from their immigration dilemma nor will their culture as it becomes overwhelmed by immigrants: projections show them adding 11 million more within two decades.  British society and British culture will not survive.

If you would like to learn more, visit www.thesocialcontract.com

“The English philosopher John Locke, whose thinking helped inspire the American Revolution, said that society should be governed by an understood set of values he termed the social contract. Under the social contract, governments have obligations to their citizens, and citizens have responsibilities to society,” the website reads, “Most public issues are basically moral and ethical ones. What is the right thing to do? How do we decide what we think is right? When rights collide, which ones take precedence? The concept of the social contract helps us sort out the difficult issues confronting American society today and helps us find balance.”

Each quarter THE SOCIAL CONTRACT journal examines trends, events, and ideas that have an impact on America's delicate social fabric. This journal addresses the following key topics: Human Population issues; including absolute size, rate of growth, and distribution. Do cherished American ideals prosper or suffer through further population growth?

Immigration issues. In order to best facilitate meeting the highest goals of the American people, (1) how many immigrants should we admit? (2) who should he admitted? And (3) how can we humanely enforce the rules?
Language, assimilation, culture, and national unity considerations. What shared values are necessary to the maintenance of our social contract?
The balance of individual rights with civic responsibilities. Since the previous issues are so often framed in terms of rights, what are the balancing obligations?
Other nations' efforts at creating and guarding their own social contracts. What practical insights can be gained. from observing the failures and successes in nation-building by other societies?

THE SOCIAL CONTRACT explores these complex and interrelated issues with articles, essays, and book reviews that vary greatly in outlook and philosophy. They encourage a wide spectrum of opinion as they publish contributions from many vantage points.

If you want to learn more, spend $25.00 a year for the “Social Contract Quarterly”.  It educates beyond anything you will hear in the main stream media.  MSM only reports accelerating consequences, but it’s better to solve the problems rather than to continue racing into them.

Just as the ‘tiny’ incident in Michigan will be dismissed, like a cancer, it will grow and it DOES grow without attention, until, it will become a tumor that destroys the ‘social contract’ that successfully served this civilization for 233 years.  But, like what happened to the Aborigines of North America, we will become victims of our own immigration policies. 

How do we stop what is happening to us?  Empower your collective strengths by joining www.NumbersUSA.com ; www.capsweb.org ; www.alipac.us ; www.firecoalition.com ; www.fairus.org ; www.thesocialcontract.com


 To take action:  First and foremost, join www.numbersusa.com and become one of nearly a million Americans making impact with pre-written faxes and phone calls to change immigration policies toward a stable future. Bi-partisan and highly effective!


Second, join www.thesocialcontract.com for up to date information via the Social Contract Quarterly. Exceptional publication to keep you informed.


www.fairus.org ; www.vdare.com ; www.alipac.us ; www.firecoalition.com ; www.cairco.org ; www.limitstogrowth.com ; www.capsweb.org ;  www.populationmedia.org ; www.worldpopulationbalance.org ; LimitsToGrowth.org


Exceptional website on population:  Dr. Jack Alpert, www.skil.org Learn what our civilization must do in order to remain sustainable in the 21st century.


America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans by Frosty Wooldridge. This book covers all the ramifications of adding 100 million people to the USA in the next 26 years by 2035. 


Visit this site for a rendition of Colorado Governor Lamm’s speech: “How to Destroy America”




Must see DVD:  “Blind Spot”   http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/blind_spot/

This movie illustrates America’s future without oil, water and other resources to keep this civilization functioning. It’s a brilliant educational movie!  www.blindspotdoc.com



In Canada: Tim Murray,

Director Immigration Watch Canada www.immigrationwatch.org

Vice President Biodiversity First http://biodiversityfirst.googlepages.com/index.htm

Blog http://sinkinglifeboat.blogspot.com  

Please visit Annie Leonard at www.storyofstuff.com for a compelling and highly interesting 20 minute video concerning our high consumption, highly wasteful and unsustainable society.  She educates and provides avenues for you to make a difference.


Visit this web site by Chris Martenson: http://www.chrismartenson.com/environmental_data 


In Colorado: visit www.soprisfoundation.org for information how you can network with like-minded folks to create a more sustainable future for Colorado and other states. 


View CNN’s “Planet in Peril” with Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling:



Ghost of Thomas Paine—compelling video of common sense




BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA: D.C.:  (202)224-2854 comment@whitehouse.gov

Books to read:  “The Long Emergency” by James Howard Kunstler

                         “Peak Everything” by Richard Heinberg

                         “Too Many People” by Lindsey Grant

Become a member of “Frosty’s Press Agent Corps” whereby you volunteer a few hours to send out emails to top TV and radio hosts to offer top speakers on America’s overpopulation crisis driven by unending immigration.  Email
frostyw@juno.com and receive two informational letters showing you exactly what to do.


Roy Beck's "IMMIGRATION BY THE NUMBERS" is the single best educational appreciation of America's future if we allow ourselves to add another 100 million people. Just click on this site for the most sobering experience of your children's future.




Roy Beck gives a graphic presentation of our fate if we continue to allow legal and illegal immigration to swamp this country. If you have children, you will be particular unnerved at their fate. I know Roy Beck personally and his integrity and knowledge stand at the top. Pass this web site 14 minute video far and wide across America to educate everyone you know. We either stop this human tsunami or the future of this country will be much like Rome's. We must, as a nation and a civilization, move to secure our country from this massive, unrelenting population overload from a line that never ends. This will be the most compelling 14 minute video of your life.


Once you see it, go to my web site for action items www.frostywooldridge.com and join www.numbersusa.com to become a weekly faxer of pre written letters and join the phone calling teams.


 Bob Woodruff of ABC asked input from all citizens concerning the future of our planet.  Go to www.earth2100.tv for a sobering reality check as to what we face and to what I have been writing about for the past 20 years.  Our ‘window’ to change to a balanced population and non-polluting energy diminishes every day we listen to irresponsible media and thus ignore the blatant symptoms manifesting all over America and the planet.


From: Frosty Wooldridge 


This three minute interview with Adam Schrager on “Your Show” May 4, 2008, NBC Channel 9 News, addresses the ramifications of adding 120 million people to USA in 35 years and six million people to Colorado as to water shortages, air pollution, loss of farmland, energy costs and degradation of quality of life.  In the interview, Frosty Wooldridge explains the ramifications of adding 120 million people to the USA in 35 years. He advances new concepts such as a “Colorado Carrying Capacity Policy”; “Colorado Environmental Impact Policy”; “Colorado Water Usage Policy”; “Colorado Sustainable Population Policy”.  Nationally, the USA needs a "National Sustainable Population Policy" to determine the carrying capacity of this nation for the short and long term.  Wooldridge is available for interviews on radio and TV having interviewed on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX.


Go to: www.frostywooldridge.com  and click on “Audio/Video” tab


Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents – from the Arctic to the South Pole – as well as six times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border.  In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece.  He presents “The Coming Population Crisis in America: and what you can do about it” to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges.  He works to bring about sensible world population balance at www.frostywooldridge.com  He is the author of:  America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans.































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Comment by TL Winslow
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While he's wrong about Mexican immigration, since they're our next-door neighbors, they're not the Huns, and their religious and social differences are no big hurdle, plus we need to incorporate Mexico's territory to create a global island for defense against world terrorism, when it comes to non-secular Muslims he's right on. Ever since around 2000 Western govts. have been allowing mass Muslim immigration despite the consequences of them bringing 1400-year-old horrible Sharia law with them that will completely cancel out everything the West has built, while the general pop. seems complacent, and the few who are waking up are being buzzed by Muslim disinfo. artists who smell a new stealth jiad in the works.

Right now people need to recognize that their schools have failed them and educate themselves to the key facts of the rise, spread, and doctrines of the mental AIDS of Islam before it gets any worse, Pres. Bush's statements that it is a religion of love and peace, and Pres. Obama's statements that the U.S. will never be at war with Islam notwithstanding. The Historyscoper now provides a free site giving you the fastest possible self-study course with all the facts and links to go deeper. Find the time and go to school at http://go.to/islamhistory

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