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A Sunday muse on our own trolls at FP and to their creative inspiration, Seepy Peepy.

We open with a song.
"Seepy, Seepy Peepy,
Got some money and he went to town
and he drank from a bottle and they threw him down
now he sleeps in the gutter and he's all alone,
Seepy, Sleepy Seepy, somebody carry him home."
Friends, with excellence comes excellent lampooning. The Ghandian foruma supports this: first the ignore you then they ridicule you. And I for one think it's about time we had the kind and quality of ridicule Seepy provides. It's quality stuff, it implies a certain level of due-diligence and relentless application. The sheer level of character assassination applied to some of us indicates true persistence.
I speak from first hand experience. Me and Seepy have become pen pals. Who else in the world is gonna take the time to respond to a troll that puts up a counter-email address? Seeps is "notOyate@yahoo.com". He knew the only way to draw Oyate out: I don't want or need a fan club but my own hate club? I found this irresistible. Moth to the candle. I'm the guy who's organizing a team to produce the first FEMA camp-only fashion magazine. I'm always ahead of the curve. You hate me? Tell me more! Oh do tell.
There's a few funny things about Seepy. Sometimes we exchange emails late at night and he forgets to be a troll. Grammar, sentence structure, multi-dimensional thought, he's very bright.
They storey gets somewhat better when Ernie was basically screaming at me DO NOT ENGAGE THE TROLL, DO NOT ENGAGE, TRUST ME HE WILL GO AWAY.
Yeah well he's also my counter fan-club. What if I don't want him to go away? This really might be all the recognition I get as a writer in this life. If I can't get love, at least I know Seepy hates me. With all his heart and soul and mind. Somebody out there is always thinking about old Oyate. And old Oyate knows talent when he sees it. Old Oyate once determined that all he had to do was till a field and God would put plants to grow there. So here's Seepy the Sleepy Weed. Look what a providence I have produced!
In fact, it's easily enough for me to feel posessive. If nobody else wants him, I do. Seepy is MY TROLL. Seriously, allow a broken down old activist some dignity. Don't ban my troll bro. In a literary sense, he's all I have left. You jelous? Find your own freaking troll. Each of you is just afraid you can't get such a high-quality troll for yourselves.
I thought we were an ownership society here.

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Whoa now everyone disregard that that most certainly is not my trolls private email I just made it up. Also to clarify I do not love ceepy the way Die Daily does that guys just weird.