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Az. Senator Jack Harper re-proposes his 2007 bill establishing an official state militia

 In 2007, Arizona state Senator Jack Harper introduced SB1132, which would have established a state civil guard force separate from the National Guard. It was to be called the "Homeland Security Force", and the link to the bill can be viewed here:  http://www.azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/legtext/48leg/1r/summary/h.sb1132_05-02-07_astransmittedtogovernor.doc.htm
Today, Senator Harper re-proposes his previous bill, as you can read here:
Senator Jack Harper
District 4


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Senate Finance, Chairman
Veteran of the US Army and the Arizona Army National Guard

July 19, 2010

For Immediate Release:

Subject: State Senator Jack Harper Releases 2011 Border Plan using HSF, CAP, and National Guard.

1 . The need for an Arizona Border Plan without extensive costs.

A . The citizens of Arizona are under invasion from our Southern Border.

B . The cost to use the National Guard exclusively on the border is widely reported as
$63 million per year.

C . The State of Arizona is projected to be between $400 million and over $1 billion in shortfall for FY2011.

D . The Governors, present and past, have not proposed or accepted state funding for a secure border.

2 . The elements and training for a secure-border force.

A . The Arizona Army National Guard trains the Homeland Security Force (HSF)

B . The Arizona Air National Guard trains Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

C . The AZ ARNG commands, supports, and supplies the HSF and acts as “Sergeant of the Guard.”

D. The AZ ANG Command, supports, and supplies the CAP with fuel and air traffic control.

E . The Department of Public Safety creates detachment and verifies fingerprint clearance cards and performs
other background checks.

F . The Adjutant General commands the joint AZ ARNG, AZ ANG, HSF, CAP, and DPS task force.

G . The Legislature appropriates for ammunition, fuel, food, DPS background checks, replacement equipment.

H . Citizens volunteer for HSF and CAP, use own approved firearms and air craft

I . Volunteers w/o previously-approved clearance card can be sponsored w/ signature of their three legislators.

3 . Volunteer groups with specialty skills needed for secure-border force

A . Civil Air Patrol: Years of service to America volunteering for Search and Rescue.

B . Legislature needs to create HSF such as in Senator Harper’s SB1132 in 2007.

C . The Arizona 50 Caliber Association has the skills to provide cover for ground volunteers in HSF.

D . The Arizona Rangers 501 C 3 organization has the logistical skills to organize/recruit volunteers.

E . The Arizona State Legislators approve volunteers that have not undergone background checks.

4. Logistics needed to launch secure-border force plan.

A . The Governor calls the Legislature into special session to approve the creation of the HSF and supplemental
appropriation to the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs.

B . Citizens volunteer and qualify for service, undergo background checks, train for one week on use of force,
heat exposure, command structure, chain of command reporting, and firearms qualification.

C . The Governor calls up to active duty, Non-commissioned Officers for training secure-border force: firearms
safety, use-of-force rules, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, medical basic knowledge, and grid-map

D . The equipment resources of the National Guard are available to the secure-border force, except weapons,
NBC equipment, and fixed-wing aircraft. Supply personnel from the AZ ARNG and the AZ ANG will control
Distribution and accountability

E . The Governor will call up to active duty, infantry and artillery soldiers for duty in the task force, supply
personnel for logistics, medical personnel, and rotary-wing crews for airlift of volunteers providing cover.

F . The Legislature will appropriate in the FY2012 budget funding for replacement equipment, active duty pay for National Guard personnel, and supplies.

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Comment by Don Scoby
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 Establish the Arizona State Guard there is infastructure in place.  www.sgaus.org/

Comment by Don Scoby
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Comment by tittiger
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For the most part I don't trust the Federalized States much more than I do the Feds.

I would much rather see the militia led at the county level perhaps by the county sheriff with no stigma attached to independent militias.


How about an AZ  constitutional amendment that grants all militia members  (everyone) the right to own any weapon used by the standing army?



Comment by Mike Lewis
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 I don't believe that this new proposal is from Senator Harper but is a HOAX.  I don't believe that Sen. Harper would include Line 3 (C) which states that AZ 50 Caliber Assn would provide "cover" inferring protective or counter-sniper fire be provided.  Besides, there is no AZ 50 Caliber Association that I am aware of.

Senator Harper is up for re-election in a couple months and I doubt that this type of potentially provacative and prejudicial language would be used.

Perhaps Senator Harper would be so kind as to validate or deny this newest proposal.

Comment by Anonymous
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Test comment. 

Comment by Anonymous
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 It's about time, I'm sure there'd be more militia then N.G. in the state.


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