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National ID? No. It’s Worse.

National ID?  No.  It’s Worse.
I have spent the last few years learning everything I possibly can about biometrics, RFID and the systems and policies our government is using to stealthily lock us into a national ID. Actually, it’s worse than a national ID, it’s international.
The whole thing is complicated, too complicated.
Fortunately for me I have had the pleasure of working with a gentleman, Mark Lerner, who possesses tremendous knowledge about how it all works.  He’s also smart enough to know that while the devil truly is in the details, the truth remains simple.   This is what his body of knowledge that comes from inside the boardrooms of the Biometric industry, and from dissecting policy and working for years with legislators all over the country to craft legislation in order to stop what he discovered in those boardrooms was being planned for all of us.
He would tell you that the simple and undeniable truth (and also the reason that Mark is on a non-stop mission) is that;
“The world is being enrolled into a single global system of identification and financial control.” 
And that
“Your Body Is Your ID”
If that strikes you as outrageous let me assure you that the truth of that statement is based upon stone cold, demonstrable fact.  I will provide links at the end of this article for the diggers out there.  I know how you are because I’m a digger too.  I have read and dug and spent way too many hours verifying and re-verifying for myself that in fact, this is really happening.  I know so much about it that it has caused me a terrible case of information constipation. Here I am just full of information, yet often unable to relieve myself of any of it when asked a simple question.
This is something Mr. Lerner had to overcome.  And he has.  His self appointed job is to convey the meaning buried in the systems, facts and history to people who are in a position to do something about it.  The complexity of the situation is largely the reason that we have failed to comprehend the monster in our midst in the first place!
Biometric, as you probably already know,  simply means a measurement of the body-some unique aspect of you is collected, stored and shared.  Records about you are connected to this biometric data much as social security numbers have been (wrongly) used.  The trouble with biometrics is that this piece of digitized information is even more exclusive and it is literally you, a unique characteristic of your very being.  With biometrics, your Body is your ID
Your DNA is a biometric and is to become one of a multi-modal (using more than 1 biometric identifier at once) menu of biometric information used to identify all of us.  All biometrics are being collected and managed in a common format to allow for international interoperability. Standards are based on guidelines issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a body run by the United Nations.
 I am about to start making this complicated, which I have already assured you isn’t necessary.  My apologies, I’m back on track now.
According to Mark Lerner, this is what we need to understand about a global biometric ID system;
To create a global biometric system, states and nations must:
1.     Enroll their citizens (DL/ID cards, passports, national ID, school ID, etc.)
2.     Adopt international standards for documents, photos and data sharing
3.     Link databases for global information sharing, global ID-tracking and surveillance
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Driver’s Licenses, Passports and many if not most photo ID’s use a high quality digital photograph that meets the international standards set by the ICAO.  Databases are being linked and systems made interoperable as a matter of policy and practice.  You might have heard of Fusion Centers.  They are aptly named because their function is to “fuse” data, systems, and agencies, on the state and local level, but fusion is not a center.  It is really a driving, overarching concept that our government has adopted wholeheartedly.   Sometimes the fusion concept is masked by terms like “streamlining, seamless, consolidation, reorganization or any of a number of similar terms but the reality is that the fusion is happening, we are fusing state, national and international governments, military and civilian forces, public and private entities and all the databases and systems that each of them possess. 
 The collection of our Biometrics, especially facial recognition is desired by governments partially because it allows for “at a distance” identification and allows for quick and easy categorization of the population.  That means they don’t have to mess with gaining our cooperation or permission, we don’t even have to know we are being identified or having or biometrics captured.
The importance of identification is that we are permitted (or denied) access to places, services and privileges based on what our ID indicates about our worthiness, our threat rating or whatever the entity querying decides to measure us up against.  If they have a CCTV camera and a database populated with suspects (I mean people) then they have you.
The important thing is to realize that this system is it is less about security and more about CONTROL.
Roger Clarke warns that any high-integrity identifier presents a threat to civil liberties, in that it would have enormous power over the populace.
 “All human behavior would become transparent to the state, and the scope for non-conformism and dissent would be muted”
This plan was not designed in response to terrorism, terrorism was used to justify the system that was already rising, albeit more slowly before 9 11.
Way back in 1996 some were sounding the alarm about the danger of National ID schemes.  Ms Claire Wolfe penned a plea to sanity in that year.  As a historical slice of legislative life in the mid 90’ the article is priceless.  For the accurate litany of warnings and predictions about where the cataloging of humans will take us, it is singular.  And as a righteous Freewoman liberty rant, it’s just invigorating.
I could rattle off for you 101 reasons that our nation should not take one more step towards this International Biometric Identification System of human control, but really, this should be enough for any sane person right here;
Except from “A Number, Not a Name” by Claire Wolfe;
Every one of these laws is being passed in the name of “safety,” “security,” “anti-fraud,” “crime control,” or “stopping illegal immigrants.”
But Why Worry? Some may say, “Well, good. It’s about time they found some way to stop illegal aliens, deadbeats and criminals.” Certainly, others will react, “Gee, I’d like to have my health record on my drivers license in case I’m in an accident or something.” Or, “Criminals ought to have their records where police can easily get them.” And then there is the standard:
“Why should I worry about the government having information about me? I don’t have anything to hide.”
 But these responses, all of which imply face-value acceptance of the federal government’s claims of “security,” ignore the long-term harm which will inevitably come from a national ID and database system.
Why should you worry? You should worry because all these laws work together for one purpose, and that purpose is control of your life. Every one of these measures implies government ownership of the information about your life–and by projection, of your life itself.
They imply that we are subjects, not citizens. Serfs, not free people. Cattle, not independent and equal humans. By assuming it has the unlimited right to collect and maintain data on us, to require us to use numbering systems and ID systems of its design, and to “allocate” its “human resources” as it sees fit, the federal government is treating us precisely as a modern farmer treats his herds. Certainly, he wants them to be healthy, to be grazing in the right pasture at the right moment, to be secure against predators…but he wants them most emphatically to be under his constant watch and control.
If we don’t value our privacy, we should surely guard our self-ownership and oppose all federal ID and tracking laws on their face and on principle.
Before I spent all of that time examining government documents, technical dissertations and reconstructing the progression of our march towards the end of autonomy, I already knew that my identity was mine and that any move to make my everyday life more contingent upon approval from some government ID drone, made me unacceptably less free. I already knew that the right to be left alone was foundational to my freedom.
It wasn’t an entire waste of time though because now I know that we have people running the show that want more than just half of the money we earn, they want total control. With this insidious ID system, they are taking it and the evidence is staring us right in the face.
The Basics;
Mark Lerner and the Stop Real ID Coalition
For you diggers, here just a handful of interesting documents to get you started;
Army War College Bio Metrics Task Force April 15, 2009
L-1 Identity Solutions and the World Bank Partner
DNA the Code for Unlocking Identity at Our Borders 2009
Today’s Drivers License Could Be Tomorrows Digital ID AAMVA
AZ Fusion Center Facial Recognition 2007
Vision 2015
California Vision 2015 

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