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Military Tribunal May Keep 9/11 Motives Hidden

Military Tribunal May Keep 9/11 Motives Hidden

By Ray McGovern

The Obama administration’s decision to use a military tribunal rather than a federal criminal court to try alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others means the real motives behind the 9/11 attacks may remain obscure.

The Likud Lobby and their allied U.S. legislators can chalk up a significant victory for substantially shrinking any opportunity for the accused planners of 9/11 to tell their side of the story.

What? I sense some bristling. “Their side of the story?” Indeed! We’ve been told there is no “their side of the story.”

Bromides Vice Explanations

For years, President George W. Bush got away with offering up the risible explanation that they “hate our freedoms.” The stenographers of the White House press corps may have had to suppress smiles but silently swallowed the “they-hate-us-for-our-freedoms” rationale. 

The only journalist I can recall stepping up and asking, in effect, “Come on; now really; it’s important; why do they really hate us” was the indomitable Helen Thomas.

In January 2010, two weeks after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the “underpants bomber,” tried to down an airliner over Detroit, President Barack Obama asked White House counter-terrorism guru, John Brennan, to field questions from the White House press. 

Helen Thomas took the opportunity to ask why the would-be bomber did what he did. The exchange with Brennan is, hopefully, more instructive than it is depressing — highlighting a limited mindset still bogged down in bromides.

Thomas: "Why do they want to do us harm? And what is the motivation? We never hear what you find out on why."

Brennan: "Al Qaeda is an organization that is dedicated to murder and wanton slaughter of innocents. ... They attract individuals like Mr. Abdulmutallab and use them for these types of attacks. He was motivated by a sense of religious sort of drive. Unfortunately, al Qaeda has perverted Islam, and has corrupted the concept of Islam, so that he's (sic) able to attract these individuals. But al Qaeda has the agenda of destruction and death."

Thomas: "And you're saying it's because of religion?"

Brennan: "I'm saying it's because of an al Qaeda organization that used the banner of religion in a very perverse and corrupt way."

Thomas: "Why?"

Brennan: "I think this is a long issue, but al Qaeda is just determined to carry out attacks here against the homeland."

Thomas: "But you haven't explained why."

One should, I suppose, be grateful for small favors. At least Brennan did not adduce the they-hate-our-freedoms rationale.

So Why?

After the Obama administration announced on Nov. 13, 2009, that it intended to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in federal court for murder, I wrote an article which began by quoting ACLU attorney Denney LeBoeuf regarding some unpleasant facts, such as torture, that the case was likely to reveal.

“I think that we’re going to shine a light on something that a lot of people don’t want to look at,” LeBoeuf said.

Never much for political correctness, I also went into some detail on the light that might be shed on more plausible reasons why “they hate us” — Exhibit A being U.S. support for Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians. You will not find much on this in the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM), but there is no lack of evidence.

I included, for example, the findings of a Sept. 23, 2004, report of the Pentagon-appointed U.S. Defense Science Board, which I’d suggest now has additional impact in light of the tumult in the Middle East and Northern Africa:

“Muslims do not ‘hate our freedom,’ but rather, they hate our policies. The overwhelming majority voice their objections to what they see as one-sided support in favor of Israel and against Palestinian rights, and the longstanding, even increasing support for what Muslims collectively see as tyrannies, most notably Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, and the Gulf States.”

The FCM ignored the Defense Science Board report for two months. Finally, on Nov. 24, 2004, the New York Times published a story on the report — but with some revealing surgery in the above paragraph. The Times quoted the first sentence, but pressed the delete button for the one on what Muslims do object to — “what they see as one-sided support in favor of Israel and against Palestinian rights…”

The Times story did include the sentence from the original report that immediately followed the (excised) sentence about Israel.  So it was clearly a case of surgical removal of the offending sentence, not merely a need to shorten the paragraph.

Even More Obvious Revisions

Back to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: As he was being interrogated, the drafters of the 9/11 Commission Report found themselves wondering why he would bear such hatred toward the U.S. 

They were aware that he earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of North Carolina/Greensboro, and speculated that he suffered some kind of gross indignity during his years there.

Not the case, the drafters were told by those with access to the interrogation reports. Rather, the report concludes on page 147:

“By his own account, KSM’s animus toward the United States stemmed not from his experience there as a student, but rather from his violent disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel.”

This is among the considerations that prompted the authors to observe later in the Commission report:

“America’s policy choices have consequences. Right or wrong, it is simply a fact that American policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and American actions in Iraq are dominant staples of popular commentary across the Arab and Muslim world. … Neither Israel nor the new Iraq will be safer if worldwide Islamist terrorism grows stronger.”

As for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s motivation, the neocon editors of the Washington Post waited a decent interval — five years – apparently in hopes that few readers would get as far as page 147 in the 9/11 Commission report, and/or that those who did would have short memories. 

On Aug. 30, 2009, the Post cited an unspecified “intelligence summary” for a brand new explanation of his motives:

“KSM’s limited and negative experience in the United States —which included a brief jail stay because of unpaid bills — almost certainly helped propel him on his path to becoming a terrorist. … He stated that his contact with the Americans, while minimal, confirmed his view that the United States was a debauched and racist country.”

Let’s give the Post the benefit of the doubt. It could be, I suppose, that the above did not come from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed until his 183rd waterboarding session. In any case, the revised explanation of his motives is surely politically more convenient to those wishing to obscure Mohammed’s other explanation implicating “U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel.”

White House Gives Up

The New York Times article on the Obama administration’s reversal of its earlier attempt to hold key 9/11 trials in a federal court declared in a headline, “White House Gives Up Civilian Court Plan.” But what does the reversal mean?

For one thing, it means there is likely to be far less reportage and publicity than would have been the case in federal criminal court, which normally accommodates a far larger audience. Even plain folks like you and me can go and watch. (In 2009, I attended a U.S. Court of Appeals hearing in D.C. that reversed an earlier decision to release 17 innocent Uighur detainees into the United States from Guantanamo.)

Reduced public access to statements made by the 9/11 defendants was one of the specific reasons cited by Sen. Joe Lieberman and other members of Congress for blocking a federal criminal trial.

"Putting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a public courtroom in full view of the public gives him a better platform than any member of al Qaeda has been given to recruit new members," Lieberman said in February, successfully arguing that funds should be denied for holding such a trial.

In other words, Lieberman wanted to prevent Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-defendants from having an opportunity to explain their actions in a way that the U.S. and world public would get to hear.

With the case handled by a much more tightly controlled military tribunal, the defendants are even surer to be denied that public “platform.”

Even if Mohammed somehow could seize an opportunity, before sentencing, to explain what drove him to conduct the attacks of 9/11, his comments would likely fall like the proverbial tree in the forest.  There might actually be a few journalists within earshot able to listen and report.  But willing?

Favored journalists in attendance would be unlikely to provoke their military hosts or their editors back home by passing along to the readers any inconvenient motives that the defendant might express.

The Guantanamo locale affords the government other distinct advantages. In addition to the fewer attendees, there can be even tighter handling of secrets and the “CLASSIFIED” stamp can be used virtually at will. Transcripts can be heavily censored — all with very little scrutiny. 

The government also can select the attendees. In the past, military officials at Guantanamo have cherry-picked — and blacklisted — journalists, depending largely on how obediently they have behaved during earlier cases. 

These restrictions — and the choice of Guantanamo — are abhorrent to human rights advocates here and abroad. Neocons, though, can breathe easier, since they are reasonably assured of protection against any loud complaints from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed et al. about “U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel.”

Still, the tribunal approach may further delay justice in the 9/11 cases, since the untested tribunal rules will likely be subjected to many more legal challenges than would be the case in the well-worn rules of criminal courts.

ACLU director Anthony Romero has noted that the military commission system is “rife with constitutional and procedural problems,” adding that the Attorney General’s “flip-flop is devastating to the rule of law.” 

The Constitution on Life Support

The most serious casualty appears to be the Constitution of the United States, given the dubious fairness of the military commissions and the noxious precedent set by the administration’s reversal. It is possible that some future president might expand their coverage to apply to anyone who is deemed to lend any form of support to “terrorists,” such as perhaps leaking U.S. government secrets.

Kristen Breitweiser, a 9/11 widow and an attorney, wrote that she was given all of two hours “advance notice” regarding the Justice Department’s decision to not prosecute the remaining alleged 9/11 conspirators in an open court of law. 

She asked that we all ponder what this decision says about President Barack Obama, the Justice Department, and the United States of America. She provided her own thoughts:

“As for the Department of Justice, it shows their inability to prosecute individuals who are responsible for the death of 3,000 people on the morning of 9/11. Apparently our Constitution and judicial system -- two of the very cornerstones that make America so great and used to set such a shining example to the rest of the world -- are not adequately set up to respond to or deal with the aftermath of terrorism.

“To me, this is a startling and dismal acknowledgment that perhaps Osama Bin Laden did, in fact, win on the morning of 9/11. And chillingly, I wonder whether it wasn't just the steel towers that were brought down and incinerated on 9/11, but the yellowed pages of our U.S. Constitution, as well.”

Ray McGovern works with Tell the Word, a publishing arm of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour in inner-city Washington. He served as a CIA analyst for 27 years and is co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).

This article first appeared on Consortiumnews.com.



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    Gifts can be mail to  1540 nye st toledo oregon 97391-9998
     for the disabled who or denied medical like myself,.

    TO  TRAVEL  IS  A  RIGHT, YOU DO NOT NEED A GOVERNMENT GRANTED "PRIVILEGE" you will need to make the hedder but SAY NOTHING BUT PROVE ME GUILTY 1. The issue is whether this Sovereign is required to obey the  provisions in the state  statutes. It is the contention of this  Sovereign that because he is a Free and Natural Person who has given  up none of his "RIGHTS." That the legislative enactments and statutes  do not apply to him. It is also the contention of this Sovereign that  travels upon the streets or highways in any state of America by this  Sovereign is an unalienable "RIGHT." Being this, is not subject to  regulation or legislation by any "State" of the united States.  2. Let us first consider the contention of this Sovereign that  travels upon the streets or highways in America is a "RIGHT." Various  courts have ruled on this issue. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled:  2.1 The "RIGHT" to travel is a part of the liberty of which the  Citizen cannot be deprived without due process of the law under the  5th Amendment. (Emphasis added) See: Kent v. Dulles, 357 U.S. 116,  125  3. The Supreme Court of Wisconsin stated in 1909:  3.1 The term "public highway," in its broad popular sense, includes  toll roads -- any road which the public have a "RIGHT" to use even  conditionally, though in a strict legal sense it is restricted to  roads which are wholly public. (Emphasis added). See: Weirich v.  State, 140 Wis. 98.  4. The Supreme Court of the State of Illinois ruled:  4.1 Even the legislature has no power to deny to a Citizen  the "RIGHT" to travel upon the highway and transport his property in 
    the ordinary course of his business or pleasure, through this "RIGHT"  might be regulated in accordance with the public interest and  convenience. (Emphasis added) See: Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago,  169 N.E. 22 5. "Regulated" here means traffic safety enforcement, stop lights,  sign, etc., NOT a privilege that requires permission, i.e.;  licensing, mandatory insurance, vehicle registration, etc..  6. PRIVILEGE OR RIGHT?  6.1 The use of the highway for the purpose of travel and  transportation is NOT a mere PRIVILEGE, but a "COMMON AND FUNDAMENTAL 
    RIGHT" of which the public and individuals cannot rightfully be  deprived. (Emphasis added) See: Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago,  supra; Ligare v. Chicago, 28 N.E. 934; Boone v. Clark, 214 S.W. 607;  American Jurisprudence 1st Ed., Highways 163  6.2 Citizen's "RIGHT" to travel upon public highways includes right  to use usual conveyances of time, including horse-drawn carriage, or  automobile, for ordinary purposes of life and business. (Emphasis  added) See: Thompson v. Smith (Chief of Police), 154 S.E. 579, 580  6.3 The "RIGHT" of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and  to transport his property thereon, either by carriage or by  automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or  permit at will, but a "COMMON RIGHT" which he has under the "RIGHT"  to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. (Emphasis added) See:  Thompson v. Smith, supra.  7. It could not be stated more conclusively that Sovereigns of the  states have a "RIGHT" to travel, without approval or restriction,  (license), and that this "RIGHT" is protected under the U.S.  Constitution. After all, who do the roadways belong to anyway? The  People-At-Large. Here are other court decisions that expound the same  facts:  7.1 .... [T]he streets and highways belong to the public, for the use  of the public in the ordinary and customary manner. See: Hadfield v.  Lundin, 98 Wn. 657; 168 P. 516;  7.2 All those who travel upon, and transport their property upon, the  public highways, using the ordinary conveyance of today, and doing so  in the usual and ordinary course of life and business. See: Hadfield,  supra; State v. City of Spokane, 109 Wn. 360; 186 P. 864.  7.3 The "RIGHT" of the Citizen to travel upon the highways and to  transport his property thereon, in the ordinary course of life and  business, differs radically and obviously from that of one who makes  the highways his place of business and uses it for private gain .... 
    Comment by Edward Johnston
    Entered on:
    Send this letter and ask all to send it to your senator and

    house members
    that our publicly employed by legal Republic Americans to honor
    ORIGINAL US Constitutional LAW oath or vote them out.
    This is not

    I want to ask each

    you to consider doing the
    following when you are

    talking on the
    phone to
    any US customer service

    representative that is

    based in a foreign country (like India,Canada,China,
    Philippines,England, any others that
    missed ). I have done this twice and it
    works! Any time you
    call an 800 number (for a credit card, banking,

    charter communications, health insurance, insurance, you
    name it) and
    you are transferred to a representative (like in
    India), please consider
    doing the following:

    After you connect and you realize that the customer service representative is not from the USA (you can  always ask if you are not sure about the accent), please very politely (very  politely - this is not about trashing other cultures) say, "I'd like to  speak to a customer service representative in the United States of America."  The rep might suggest talking to his/her manager, but, again, politely say, "Thank you, but I'd like to speak to a customer service representative in the USA ."  YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY CONNECTED to a rep in the USA . It only takes less than one minute to have your call re-directed to the USA . Tonight when I got redirected to a USA rep, I asked again to make sure - and yes, she was from Fort Lauderdale our were on American soil . you can ask to call back to be sure.

    Imagine if tomorrow, every US   citizen who has to make such a call and then requests a US rep, imagine how that would ultimately impact the number of US jobs that would need to be created ASAP.  Imagine what would happen if every US citizen insisted on talking to only US phone reps from this day on.  If I tell 10 people to consider this and you tell 10 people to consider doing this - see what I mean...it becomes an exercise in viral marketing 101.  
    Remember - the goal here is to restore jobs back here at home - not to be abrupt or rude to a foreign phone rep. If you agree, please tell 10 people you know and tell them to tell 10 people they know....etc...etc...
    Sad but all too true!!!!!

      Now you know what is wrong with this country…HIGH SCHOOL -- 1957 vs. 2009,,
     This is the change of the voters

    <<<SEE WHAT Democracy IS and has done>>>

    Now you know what is wrong with the country…



    HIGH SCHOOL -- 1957 vs. 2009


    Scenario 1: 

    Jack goes quail hunting before school and then pulls into the school parking lot with his shotgun in his truck's gun rack. 

    1957 - Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack. 

    2009 - School goes into lockdown, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers.



    Scenario 2: 

    Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school. 
    1957 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins.. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up buddies. 

    2009 - Police called and SWAT team arrives -- they arrest both Johnny and Mark. They are both charged with assault and both expelled even though Johnny started it.




    Scenario 3: 

    Jeffrey will not sit still in class, he disrupts other students. 
    1957 - Jeffrey sent to the Principal's office and given a good paddling by the Principal. He then returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again. 

    2009 - Jeffrey is given huge doses of Ritalin. He becomes a zombie. He is then tested for ADD. The school gets extra money from the state because Jeffrey has a disability.




    Scenario 4: 

    Billy breaks a window in his neighbor's car and his Dad gives him a whipping with his belt.. 

    1957 - Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal, goes to college and becomes a successful businessman. 

    2009 - Billy's dad is arrested for child abuse. Billy is removed to foster care and joins a gang. The state psychologist is told by Billy's sister that she remembers being abused herself and their dad goes to prison.  Billy's mom has an affair with the psychologist.




    Scenario 5: 

    Mark gets a headache and takes some aspirin to school. 

    1957 - Mark shares his aspirin with the Principal out on the smoking dock. 

    2009 - The police are called and Mark is expelled from school for drug violations.  His car is then searched for drugs and weapons.




    Scenario 6: 

    Pedro fails high school English. 

    1957 - Pedro goes to summer school, passes English and goes to college. 


    2009 - Pedro's cause is taken up by state. Newspaper articles appear nationally explaining that teaching English as a requirement for graduation is racist. ACLU files class action lawsuit against the state school system and Pedro's English teacher.  English is then banned from core curriculum. Pedro is given his diploma anyway but ends up mowing lawns for a living because he cannot speak English.




    Scenario 7: 

    Johnny takes apart leftover firecrackers from the Fourth of July, puts them in a model airplane paint bottle and blows up a red ant bed. 
    1957 - Ants die. 

    2009 - ATF, Homeland Security and the FBI are all called. Johnny is charged with domestic terrorism. The FBI investigates his parents -- and all siblings are removed from their home and all computers are confiscated.
    Johnny's dad is placed on a terror watch list and is never allowed to fly or buy a gun again.


  • Meet Your Straw Man Meet Your Straw Man This is must know information. Visit and download the Meet Your Strawman pdf and other related documents from FTP Server #1.www.nomoretyranny.org/strawman.htm - Cached
  • Strawman, straw man, artificial person, birth certificate ... Your straw man is an artificial person-Take back your Strawman today!!! Your straw man ... There's something else you should know: Everything, since June 1933, operates ...www.nmcservices.net/strawman.html - Cached
  • Take Back Your Strawman Take Back Your Strawman. UCC-1-Uniform Commercial Code-Take back your Strawman. ... There's something else you should know: Everything, since June 1933, operates in ...educationcenter2000.com/take_back_your_strawman.html - Cached

    Scenario 8: 

    Wally falls while running during recess and scrapes his knee. He is found crying by his teacher, Nancy. Nancy hugs him to comfort him. 

    1957 - In a short time, Wally feels better and goes on playing. 

    2009 -  Nancy  is accused of being a sexual predator and loses her job. She faces 3 years in State Prison...  Wally undergoes 5 years of therapy.


    British Democrats  and Selected  Elected and public employees unions paid for by Legal Americans/

    Watch the truth,, About The Illegal MAN OBAMA.

    Has Mr Obama committed treason what do you think.

  • Obama Admits: “I am Not an American Citizen. I came from ... Watch and hear Obama admit he is not an American citizen. Better share this now, it’s likely to be pulled off You Tube as fast as the liberal minions can get it ...freedomtroopers.org/2010/07/06/obama-admits-i-am-not-an... - Cached
    We have nothing to gain for DEBT.


    Must watch



    Comment by NadePaulKuciGravMcKi PerotVentuSheehCarte
    Entered on:

    Every part of the criminal 9/11 story is full of outright lies. 

    Kangaroo  courts must be used to protect the cover-up. 


    Building Seven 

    Twin Towers 





    Comment by mscir nolastname
    Entered on:

    :"The Obama administration’s decision to use a military tribunal rather than a federal criminal court to try alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others means the real motives behind the 9/11 attacks may remain obscure."

     No, it means the motives WILL remain obscure, that's the whole point, the criminals inside our own government who made 9/11 happen will not have any disturbing attention brought to them or their lies.  

    Comment by America First
    Entered on:

     The more likely scenario is that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is a patsy that was tortured into confessing anything and everything. Most of the available evidence points to Israel planning and orchestrating the attacks THEMSELVES to get the west to fight it's enemies in the middle-east.

    You need to do more research.



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