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Here is one of the 44% of Americans approving of the job Obama is doing

It was startling enough to see the high approval rating of George W. Bush early in his presidency.  But it’s even more startling to see that 44% of adults approve of the job being done by President Barack Obama.


Who are these people?  Undoubtedly, the guy below is one of them. 

See the bewildered look on his face?  It is the look he repeatedly gave when he was repeatedly asked by Judge Judy on her eponymous courtroom show why he thought it was okay to rip off taxpayers for welfare payments he received but didn’t use for the intended purpose.  The question was way beyond his mental and moral capacities, even though he claimed to be a college student.  Watch a video of his bewilderment at this link:


Asking a person like Mr. Bewilderment about morality is like asking a third grader to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity.


Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, let me state unequivocally that this is not a racial or racist comment.  Having lived among takers of all races, I have seen scores of whites--and, sadly, rapidly growing numbers of them--exhibit the same bewilderment when asked a similar question about being on welfare when they were clearly capable of working.  This is what happens to thinking and morals in a welfare/entitlement state in which half of the population pays no income taxes and is on the take.


Before the pernicious effects of the Great Society had taken hold of society, I never met one black like Mr. Bewilderment when I worked in my early teens as the only white (actually, an olive-skinned Italian) on an otherwise all-black staff of waiters, cooks and janitors at an exclusive country club in St. Louis.  For extra money, I would wash and wax my coworkers’ big Pontiacs and Buicks.  That was the closest I would come to such automobiles, since my working-class parents could only afford a decrepit Dodge.


Life was certainly not idyllic in the black ‘hoods of St. Louis back then, but most blacks were married and most black children lived in two-parent families.  Other than skin color and cuisine, going to the picnics of my black coworkers in St. Louis’ grand Forest Park was like going to a working-class Italian picnic: children were well-behaved, parents doted on them, everyone seemed to know the difference between right and wrong, and a sense of entitlement could not be found.


Obama, who had just been born in Hawaii at the time, has no firsthand knowledge of how it used to be in the black ‘hoods of the mainland.  But he has a lot of secondhand canards he learned as a young adult at Columbia and then Harvard.  


Of course, white liberals comprise many of the 44% who think that Obama is doing a good job.  They would never say otherwise about a black president, because, deep down inside, they feel guilty over what their policies have done to create blacks (and whites) like Mr. Bewilderment.

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Comment by Frank Fishman
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Are all 44% that think the Kenyan puppet (BO) is doing a good job members of the CFR, TLC, Bildebergs, Illuminati, or other group working to usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER?

It is the leaders of these TERRORIST groups that are pulling the strings of BO, Bernanke, and Geitner to distroy this and soverign nations around the world.

I will say what most everyone won't...the murdering clintons (Rest in Peace Vince Foster... (NAFTA & GAT is a cancer to the economy), the murdering bushes (Rest In Peace Michael Connell... (exposed the US as the image of the beast); kissinger, george schwartz (soros), cheney, rockerfellers, smart, rothchilds, bill gates, murdoch, icahn, and all the higherarchy of TLC, CFR, Bildeberg, et al are pulling the puppet's strings to destroy this and sovereign countries around the world in order to usher in the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (nwo).

The HAVES want to remain HAVES in the NEW WORLD ORDER (maintain their individual status quo), while we, the HAVE NOTS become like feudal serfs...SLAVES...or DEAD. There is no place for USELESS EATERS. THE MANAGEABLE WORLDWIDE POPULATION (IN THEIR ESTIMATION) IS 500 MILLION (see Georgia Guidestones).



Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Polls are useless.

Illegal Aliens have pc`s..they vote!

Radical Muslims have pc`s...they vote!

Polls are a tool for the MSM,and the dogs that control them...nothing more,nothing less.

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