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Richard Dawkins Declared World’s Top Thinker–Or, Is That Stinker?

By Don Boys, Ph.D.
The recent news that the angry, aggressive, asinine atheist Richard Dawkins is now the “World’s Top Thinker” is further proof that the world has turned upside down. For centuries, the herd mentality has been to place far too much credibility in anyone who is known as an “expert.” Such a person is quickly given the desired accolades if he is a “doctor” or wears a white coat. All scientists are thought to be honest, honorable, even heroic; however, may I suggest that all New Atheists are hysterical, heretical, and harmful to everyone, especially children? 
I challenge my readers to forget the hype and not believe Dawkins’ Press Releases and simply look at the facts. Is Dawkins a highly respected scientist or charlatan and fraud? Let the facts determine the answer. It should be remembered that a lie is still a lie if everyone believes it and the truth is still the truth is no one believes it.
I challenge my critics to read the books of Dawkins and his fellow New Atheists. They are deceptive, dangerous, dishonest, and dull. Very dull. Dick and his New Atheist buddies spend their days down at the Angry Atheist Association telling each other how clever they are and pinning metals on each other for their accomplishments in writing their banal books to bamboozle the hoi polloi.
All New Atheist authors make it very clear that their agenda is to remove children from the homes of parents who teach them Bible truth! Dawkins wrote, “We should work to free the children of the world from the religions which, with parental approval, damage minds too young to understand what is happening to them.” The New Atheists all demand that children be removed from the theistic influence since, to the atheists, it is child abuse. I think the atheists’ books are literary abuse!
The “World’s Top Thinker” showed his confused, contradictory, and contrary thinking when he wrote, “The fact that life evolved out of nearly nothing, some 10 billion years after the universe evolved literally out of nothing, is a fact so staggering that I would be mad to attempt words to do it justice.” So, I ask Dick, “Do you really mean to say that everything came from nothing?” He said, “literally” out of nothing. Dawkins and the New Atheists tell us that a cosmic egg floated around space and then, but wait a minute, Lucifer’s Lackeys are assuming way too much: where did space come from? And the cosmic egg? No answer. We are supposed to give them that, but I don’t give the dummies anything.
Atheists tell us that nothing created everything, and I fight the impulse to grab my sides and roll on the floor with laughter. After all, we must show some decorum in our discussion, don’t you agree?
Aristotle told us that “nothing” is what rocks dream about but New Atheists dream (more like hallucinate) about nothing creating not just something, but creating everything seen and not seen in the universe. Where did Dawkins find the cosmic egg? Maybe it was laid by a cosmic chicken! The cosmic egg, the size of a pinhead (no, I will restrain myself), exploded and from that explosion developed the well-ordered, massive, precise, awesome universe! No one tells us what caused the explosion and how the alleged results can be reconciled with scientific laws. Explosions don’t produce order but disorder–always. New Atheist ranting is dumb, dumber, and dumbest.
I document in my eBook The God Haters that Dawkins is a lackey, loser, and liar. He lied about a debate he had with a Jewish rabbi; he lied about his interview with a creationist film crew from Australia. He lied (or showed incredibly poor scholarship) about his quote of early church leader Tertullian. So the World’s Top Thinker is a world class liar.
America is in deep trouble when you realize there is a still a fool on every corner, a clown in every public office, and every village has not one but several idiots plus numerous twits, tyrants and totalitarians lounging down at the Angry Atheist Association. We used to laugh at them; now we are in a life and death struggle with them. Our children are in their sights, so that puts atheists in my sights.
The war is on for our religious freedom to teach our children what we believe. Dawkins, who is uninformed, unreliable, and uninteresting is leading the New Atheists Brigade into battle against us and they are as intolerant and vicious as the most rabid Inquisitor of the fourteenth and fifteenth century. The battle rages between thinking theists and non-thinking New Atheists and their leader is not the "World's Top Thinker" but England's little stinker.
Bring it on!
(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, author of 15 books, frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. His shocking book, ISLAM: America's Trojan Horse!; Christian Resistance: An Idea Whose Time Has Come–Again!; and The God Haters are all available at Amazon.com. These columns go to newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations and may be used without change from title through the end tag. His web sites are www.cstnews.com and www.Muslimfact.com and www.thegodhaters.com. Contact Don for an interview or talk show.)
Copyright 2013, Don Boys, Ph.D.
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Comment by TL Winslow
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Speaking of Pat Condell's Muslims Must Reject Jihad and Richard Dawkins the Atheist Prophet, yes, it's been scientifically proven that atheism is a religious belief that strengthens true believers during times of trouble. As Islam has proven, declaring war on nonbelievers also strengthens them. How long till atheists go all the way and start declaring jihad like Muslims do? :)


What are their holy texts? Find out by studying my cool new Science Fiction Historyscope, laying out all the prophets and their texts including Saint Asimov and Saint Bradbury:



Comment by TL Winslow
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As to atheism, I used to be an atheist myself, but as I grow in knowledge and powah I've realized that most of atheism is full of moose hockey, particularly evolution.  Not that I'm ready to accept the existence of God or pray to God, but I admit that theism is a tenable intellectual position and will fight those who say it isn't with my gigantic store of knowledge. Okay, I get it that faith is believing in things you can't see, but that doesn't stop me from trying :)

Speaking of great thinkers, how about this dude who sounds like Tommy Lee Jones and is a conservative Christian political comedian on the verge of going viral. He calls his show Intellectual Frog Legs:



Comment by TL Winslow
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Dawkins is what? World's Top Thinker (WTT)? He's a non-starter. There's only one World's Greatest Genius (WGG), moi:





Comment by Tyger Gilbert
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Mr. Boys must not be a Christian, who are supposed to be loving and tollerant of others, as I understand it. But perhaps I'm wrong, about Mr. Boys or/and Christians. His rant just screams anger and intollerance.