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Short speech to the young

[Short speech delivered Mesa Community College 10-22-2014.  Well received by the youth.]

Powell Gammill,
Libertarian candidate
US Representative District 9

There are two kinds of people in this world:
Those that want to be left alone.
And those who won't leave them alone!

When someone mentions libertarian, I am rather pleased they have a good idea what that means and more importantly what it does not.

They may not know everything about libertarians, but they have a sense of what it means to be libertarian.

You may have heard libertarians talk about lower taxes, less regulations and more freedom.

I'm not with those guys!

I believe every one of you owns yourself.  That you get to do whatever you want to do that makes you happy, so long as it does not trespass on someone else doing what they want to do.  And when there is interaction with others or their property you negotiate permission for that interaction.

That is the only tenet of libertarianism, the non-aggression principle:  That it is wrong to initiate force or fraud upon others.  That is it; libertarianism in a nutshell.  That it is wrong to initiate force or fraud upon others.

Whatever else you want to do is up to you.

More freedom, implies you are asking someone's permission.  I demand complete freedom of action so long as it does not trespass on others.

Lower taxes?  I demand no taxes!  Who gave anyone the power to steal your stuff?  I don't care how noble the purpose claimed, your stuff is for you to decide how it is used.  If the federal government can't function without stealing from you, I won't shed a tear for their demise.

Less regulations?  I demand no regulations. Who gave anyone the power to rule over you?  By now, if you don't know it is wrong to murder.  That it is wrong to maim or beat up.  It is wrong to steal, rob or trespass.  Then your parents did a bad job.  These laws predate writing.  They are wrong because they are wrong.  There hasn't been a law since that has been created that has done anything but restrict you in pursuing your happiness.  They are laws that say this is wrong because someone with a club and now a gun says it is wrong.   And that is wrong.  Laws should not exist to prevent your freedom.  They should exist to prevent someone trespassing upon you or your stuff.  Laws should exist to ameliorate those trespasses.

If you want to hang out with libertarians they meet once a month.  You can form your own libertarian club on campus.  There is one at ASU and the U of A.

If I am elected to Congress the only promise I make is to leave you alone.

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Comment by John Boanerges
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FAIL !!! "If I am elected to Congress". If I am elected by a coercive process to steal money from non-voluntary thefts from public coffers I will have already violated the NAP, am a hypocrite and am completely non-deserving of your respect or attention.