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What, you expected more from an online pub?

Well my "interview" with the ASU "State Press" was published for the Congressional District 9 race:


Here is the "questions" email to which I responded and returned to him in its entirety:

1. Why do you believe it is important for young voter's to exercise their right to vote?

Voting is a scam, deliberately designed to give the masses the illusion they have a say in the outcome of those who rule over them, and the ballot measures that pass. But when has your single vote ever made a difference in a government election? Due to gerrymandering, when was the outcome not already obvious before the election? When you research candidates, when have the candidates you are allowed to vote for ever been anything but a choice between the lesser of two evils? No, the importance of your voting is to your masters. When you vote you are voluntarily complicit in electing your rulers, and have nothing to complain about unless you are a sore loser. Only those who refuse to participate in a rigged process have a right to complain about the outcome. Note the above doesn't even address voter fraud, or the lack of transparency so you can detect voter fraud.

2. Which issues do you believe to be most pressing to today's youth voter?

Debt. Both personal debt and your share of the national, state and local government's debts. Unlike the recent past, most students now have astronomical student debt by the time they leave college or trade school. This is deliberate. The government makes it easy for you to have one of their backed loans. This makes it so easy for your educational institution to raise your costs of attending. They also make it difficult for you to graduate in four years by adding requirements your parents never faced. And taking silly ass courses that you will never use or want. This makes student loans and to a certain extent your school, a racket. Six months after leaving hell begins as you pay your loans, on top of your rent and food and clothing and gas and utilities and taxes and and things that break. The banksters own your ass for life as you cannot escape this debt. They can garnish your wages, tax returns and seize your stuff with a no-knock warrant, all with interest, penalties and fees if you fail to pay.

The governments debt you pay is through taxes, hidden taxes, sales taxes, shakedown fines, fees and bills. These taxes are from before you were 18 and had a supposed say ("representation") in their implementation. Indeed, you may not have even been born when the tax (or bond) was levied. And now you are asked to vote on taxes that will burden your kids and grand-kids before they are conceived.

3. What is your perspective on the current efficacy of the education system? What advice would you give to recently graduated students who may be struggling to pay off student debt?

For some programs and schools if you chose wisely something you enjoy doing you will receive an excellent education with a bit of effort. But truthfully, any job is 90% learned on that job.

As for paying off debt? Move back in with Mom and Dad. Wish I were joking. Whether student loans or credit cards, if you lose your job (quite common at first) and you can't make your payments call BEFORE you go delinquent. Usually you can negotiate a pretty reasonable deal until you get back on your feet. Have a 3-4 month food supply tucked under the bed and in the closet. If you are ever in a position to pay off debt early take it---you cannot believe how much of your debt is interest! Don't get into a credit card trap, consolidate to one card, pay in full monthly. Dump debit cards, they eat your soul.

4. If elected, what will you do for the youth voter?

The greatest gift a scumbag Congressman could provide: Leave you alone free to pursue your dreams. Government is never going to leave you alone but I can dream too.

5. In the past, how have you represented the needs of the youth voter?

I try to point out that if voting in government elections could actually change things it would be illegal.

6. Do you tailor your campaign to the youth voter in any way?

Everything I do is for young people. Old people already had their chance. Old people either get it by now, or suffer from Stockholm syndrome so much they enjoy and defend being screwed by the governments.

7. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

When it hits the fan and all seems hopeless, you can almost always man up, stand up and walk away. Don't just sit there, take a new direction.

Here is a bonus I noticed this morning on Facebook (lol):


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