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NYT Defends Pentagon Mosque Terror-Bombing

NYT Defends Pentagon Mosque Terror-Bombing

by Stephen Lendman

The self-styled newspaper of record operates as a press agent for wealth, power and privilege, featuring fake news instead of journalism the way it's supposed to be.

Overnight Thursday, US warplanes terror-bombed a Syrian mosque in al-Jinnah village near Aleppo, a previous article explained. 

Hundreds of worshipers were inside at the time, scores massacred, many others injured, a despicable war crime.

A Pentagon photo The Times published showed an intact structure next to a crater. CENTCOM said a mosque across the street, 50 feet away, was untouched.

The photo looks phony. The Times failed to explain. Vehicles on both sides of the street, adjacent to the crater and intact building, look at least largely undamaged as best as can be assessed from a grainy picture.

Surely, powerful blasts wouldn't leave anything nearby unscathed. The Times cited US military officials, saying the photo was taken within five minutes of the bombing, adding:

US "rules of engagement discourage attacks on mosques, schools and hospitals without extensive scrutiny by top-level officials."

False! Washington and Israel consider civilians and non-military related sites legitimate targets in all their wars.

Israel admits it. America denies repeated high crimes of war and against humanity, even when caught red-handed.

One or more US missile fragments were found in the rubble of the mosque America terror-bombed.

Whenever the Pentagon says it's investigating an incident, whitewash always follows. Navy Captain spokesman Jeff Davis lied, saying "(w)e did not" target a mosque. Of course, you know we never would."

Eyewitnesses and independent video contradict his version of what happened, showing the mosque in question destroyed.

In all US war theaters, civilians suffer most of all, victims of imperial viciousness - including worshipers in mosques, patients in hospitals, children in schools, and families at home.

Don't expect The Times to explain.

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