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Escalated Aggression Against Syrian Forces

Escalated US Aggression Against Syrian Forces

by Stephen Lendman

For the second time this week, Pentagon-led warplanes terror-bombed government forces in a unilaterally US-declared "deconfliction zone" - unrecognized by Damascus and Russia, US operations in Syria illegal under international law.

A Syrian combat drone was downed outside the zone. CENTCOM and coalition partners operate illegally without Security Council or Damascus permission.

Their actions constitute naked aggression against a sovereign state - a longstanding US specialty.

A so-called "Combined Joint Task Force, Operation Inherent Resolve statement, saying Syrian forces were warned against entering a (nonexistent) "deconfliction zone" tried justifying the unjustifiable.

So is saying US-led coalition forces are combating ISIS, the scourge America created and supports - along with al-Nusra and likeminded groups, used as imperial foot soldiers.

Thursday's attack occurred on the Damascus/Baghdad highway about 40 km from al-Tanf. Claiming armed government "technical vehicles" posed a threat to US-led coalition forces at (an illegally established) al-Tanf garrison was baloney.

So was a statement by coalition spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon, saying "we remain ready to defend ourselves against any threat" - code language for attempting to justify US aggression.

Moscow and Damascus consider US-led coalition actions in Syria illegal. So does international law.

Multiple US-led coalition attacks on Syrian and allies forces risk dangerously escalating the conflict. They undermine Russian-led efforts for diplomatic resolution.

They show neocon generals in charge of US warmaking reject peace and stability.

They prioritize endless conflicts, Syria in the eye of the storm for regime change - if successful intending Iran to be targeted next.

That's what US imperialism is all about, replacing all sovereign independent governments with pro-Western puppet ones, no matter the human cost - why America is the main threat to world peace.

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