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Israeli Desecration of Al-Aqsa Continues

Israeli Desecration of Al Aqsa Continues

by Stephen Lendman

After removing unacceptable security measures on Thursday, Netanyahu imposed new ones on Friday.

Police spokeswoman Luba al-Samri announced them, saying only men above age 50 will be allowed to enter the compound, no restrictions imposed on women.

She lied claiming increased numbers of security forces were deployed in Jerusalem's Old City and along all roads leading to Al-Aqsa because of information "that some extremist sides are planning to disrupt order, harming public security."

Israeli brutality is wrongfully blamed on Palestinians whenever violent clashes erupt. On Thursday evening, thousands of Palestinians prayed at Al-Aqsa.

Unprovoked, police stormed the compound, firing rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades and toxic tear gas, using pepper spray and physically assaulting Palestinian worshipers. 

Dozens were injured, scores arrested for praying to the wrong God. When Palestinians respond to Israeli brutality by stone-throwing, they're wrongfully accused of inciting violence and rioting.

Police chief Yoram Halevi threatened Palestinian protesters with harsher responses than already, saying:

"No one should try to test us" on Friday - or any other day. (I)f there are people who try tomorrow to disturb the peace, to harm police or citizens, they should not be surprised: There will be casualties and people injured."

"Don't test us because we know how to respond, and we know how to respond directly and forcefully."

Ruthless Israeli brutality against defenseless Palestinians is well-known. It's longstanding and unaccountable.

Halevi declared "Israeli sovereignty" over the compound short of including Al-Aqsa, remarks sure to arouse Palestinian anger.

He promised continued intrusive measures, checking "anyone suspicious, anyone who we think could disturb the peace, anyone who could be an attacker. They will be stopped at the gate, they will be checked as we have done in the past."

All Palestinians are vulnerable for not being Jewish. On Friday, mass protests outside Israel's embassy in Jordan called for ending the 1994 peace treaty.

Following Friday prayers, worshipers chanted "Death to Israel. No Zionist embassy on Jordanian soil."

An Amman official said his government won't let Israeli "ambassador Einat Schlein or the rest of the embassy staff return until a thorough investigation has been opened" into the lethal shooting of two Jordanians by an Israeli embassy security guard.

Separately, King Abdullah accused Netanyahu of exploiting the incident to gain political capital, saying:

"The Israeli prime minister must take responsibility and carry the legal steps that include prosecuting the shooter and attaining justice, not handling this crime with political displays." 

His "behavior was provocative and enrages us and fuels extremism in the region, and it is completely unacceptable."

Israeli brutality against Palestinians won't end without strong international intervention not forthcoming.

The plight of millions of Palestinians continues with no prospect for resolution.

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