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US War Crimes Ignored by The NYT

US War Crimes Ignored by The NYT

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The Times blames victims and Russia for US war crimes, calling the rape, destruction and mass slaughter of civilians in Mosul, Raqqa, as well as elsewhere in Iraq and Syria "liberation."

Reporting on years of war in Syria is especially disgraceful, some of the worst in memory - wrongfully blaming Bashar al-Assad and Russia for aggression launched by Obama in March 2011, escalated by Trump, using ISIS and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers, supported by US terror-bombing, continuing endless war instead of restoring peace and stability.

Ignoring US aggression and support for imported terrorists, The Times irresponsibly blamed Syria for "massacr(ing)" civilians "by (nonexistent) barrel bombs…"

It disgracefully blamed Damascus for CW attacks carried out by ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorists. It shamefully claimed the Syrian government "denied food and health services" to its citizens in areas of conflict.

Syria, Russia, Iran and China alone provide vitally needed humanitarian aid - none from the UN, none from America, none from EU or other regional countries.

The Times: "…Russia, often joined by China, has obstinately propped up President Bashar al-Assad, using its veto" multiple times.

Fact: Vetoed resolutions proposed by Washington and its rogue allies were unacceptable, risking escalated war if adopted, not efforts to end it, along with wrongfully blaming Assad for CW attacks committed by terrorists.

The Times: "(T)he Syrian conflict is an infernal tangle of political goals, ideologies and actors, (Assad) most responsible for war crimes."

Fact: Syria was attacked and invaded. It's been terror-bombed by US warplanes for nearly two years, massacring thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of defenseless civilians, more slaughtered daily.

The Times disgracefully and maliciously blames Syria, the victim, for US high crimes of war and against humanity - reporting disinformation and Big Lies instead of vital truths about a made-in-the-USA war of aggression against a nation threatening no one.

A Final Comment

Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) commander accused Washington of attacking its forces near the Syrian border, using smart bombs terrorists don't have along with artillery shelling.

More than 30 Iraqi Hashd al-Shaabi volunteer fighters were killed. US army spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon lied calling the report "inaccurate."

PMU spokesman Karim al-Nouri called what happened a deliberate attack on its forces by the US military.

Prior to the incident, a US commander threatened Hashd al-Shaabi forces in the area, warning them not to approach the Syrian border.

Its commander Abu Ala al-Wellaei said the US attack was followed by ISIS launching its own, a coordinated effort by Washington and its terrorist foot soldiers - a war crime by any standard.

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