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Haaretz Propaganda on Downed Israeli F-16

Haaretz Propaganda on Downed Israeli F-16

by Stephen Lendman - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Israeli media resembles their Western counterparts, Haaretz the best of a bad lot. 

Columnists Amira Hass and Gideon Levy do excellent work, journalism the way it's supposed to be.

Others deliver hasbara - Israeli-style propaganda, aimed at a global audience, mainly in Western countries.

Amos Harel is Haaretz's military and defense correspondent. His writing shows he's a front man for its aggression - notably against Palestinians, targeting Syria repeatedly, partnering in Washington's war for regime change, both countries supporting ISIS and other terrorists, vital information Harel suppresses.

His latest article discussed an Israeli F-16, committing war crimes in Syrian airspace, downed by its air defense system - acting in self-defense against aggression.

Harel suggested the incident could have been "a planned ambush," rather than "after Israel attacked targets in Syria - indicat(ing) that the price Israel will pay for aerial freedom of action has risen."

Fact: The IDF earlier admitted attacking targets in Syria numerous times during years of US-launched war - most often operating illegally from Lebanese airspace, at times its own or overflying Syria illegally.

Fact: Each incident constituted Israeli naked aggression against a nation threatening no one.

Fact: Aerial freedom prohibits launching unprovoked attacks on other countries. It forbids operating warplanes aggressively against them - in or out of their airspace.

Harel: "…Israeli planes attacked an Iranian command post near Palmyra" - failing to explain this constituted naked aggression against Syria, the highest of high crimes.

Iranian advisors alone operate in Syria at the request and consent of its legitimate government. US-led so-called "coalition" forces and Israeli warplanes operate illegally.

Harel: "(A)fter failing to persuade Russia and the United States to make sure Iranian-operated Shiite militias are kept a safe distance from Israel's northern border, Israel" attacked targets in Syria" - continuing intermittent aggression begun years earlier, Harel failed to explain.

No Iranian militias operate in Syria, advisors only. Harel lied claiming otherwise.

Harel: "What's happening here is Israel's battle to maintain its aerial freedom in the north. It seems to be insisting that the previous rules - which enabled it to do as it pleased in Syrian skies during the civil war - are still valid." 

"Syria and Iran think otherwise, and are working to get that message across."

Syria and Iran observe the rule of law. Israel flagrantly breaches it - daily internally, often abroad, Harel and most other Haaretz reporters support what demands condemnation.

No Syrian or Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace as Harel falsely reported. No ambush occurred.

Nor have either country attacked Israel, threatening it only in response to its naked aggression. Harel and most other Haaretz reporters deplorably consider it self-defense.

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