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My Comment/Observation On Ernie & Dr. Phranq's FINAL Trump Report


I just listened to the LAST "Trump Report With Dr. Phranq" until the Red Sea parts, and The Donald is reinstated as the rightful 46th POTUS.

Anybody see Moses?

Neither have I. There's a lot of people trying out for the part, but no clear winner yet.  Until then, I suggest you now call any continuance of your discourse "The Blame Game", because that is what it has devolved into - if it wasn't that to begin with.

I'm not criticizing here - don't get me wrong.  I highly respect both of your opinions which is why I've listened to so many shows.  Highest kudos goes to Ernie for holding the Standard first and foremost that the ONLY reason for any kind of 'governance' to occur is TO SECURE THE RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL.  Dr. Phranq captures my heart with his desire for American Greatness.

The problem I see is that neither of you go back far enough in our vaunted history to point out the main flaw for which we pay so dearly this far down the road; that we are neither a Nation of Laws nor a Nation of Men.  Never really have been.

We are a Nation of Compromise.

Had we, as dear Ernie does, said to ourselves when offered the Constitution "HEY! Wait a damn minute, there...  Taxation in any form is THEFT and that is stealing from those whose preservation and support of rights is your SOLE duty!!  Anything that is 'levied' is also ENFORCED.  THIS IS WRONG!!!" - where would we be?  Instead, they COMPROMISED.

When kicking and screaming enough the Populous demanded a Bill of Rights, but the very first 'security' GUARANTEED to The People - even BEFORE The Holy First And Second Amendments were listed - was that mechanism that would have given each 'Citizen' ACTUAL REPRESENTATION was TRASHED.

The People let it slide.  MAJOR COMPROMISE.

We all know that each action has ripple effects that increase with time.  These two basic compromises that early in our history are now taking their places as the beginning of "a long train of abuses", and I believe are what started us down this road.

I look forward with great anticipation what becomes of your continued pontifications.

Never stop.

Your good friend and admirer,

Ed Vallejo