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Uncovering The Secrets & Exposing The Lies with David Webb - TheGreatTaking

Uncovering The Secrets & Exposing The Lies with David Webb - TheGreatTaking

"I'm not trying to convince you of anything, I'm trying to share with you 'why' I'm so convinced"

"Uncovering The Secrets & Exposing The Lies" has directed the efforts of FreedomsPhoenix.com since the beginning (September 2005), I am it's publisher and also host of DeclareYourIndependenceWithErnestHancock.com radio program & podcast since February 2003.

The short story is that I became aware of international corruption using the law making process of the United States to make stealing legal at a grand scale or at least the laws were so confusing so that criminality couldn't be clearly defined… just experienced. Every glance at the process only produced a greater realization that there was no limit to the harm willingly enacted against Individuals, Municipalities, States, Countries... the Entire Planet. And documenting these efforts with the Main Stream Media was a waste of time since they had long been part of the process. I felt all that was left to me as an option to secure liberty for my 4 young children at the time was direct street activism to have as much of an impact as my wife Donna and I could have on "General Public Opinion".

David Webb's effort with his book "The Great Taking" is just such an effort with the knowledge and documentation of what is a truth, unbelievable due to the enormity of what has already happened. There will be a triggering event that will result in a great reallocation of property/assets, a Great Reset that will result in "You'll Own Nothing". The claim that you'll own nothing and that you'll be happy is more of a preparatory announcement than a threat… since it has already been orchestrated. The sheet music has been created, the musicians have already tuned their instruments, the Conductor has taken the podium and tapped their baton to bring to our attention that the music is about to start.

Hypodermics of Hopium will be available along with rhetoric that there is a chance of rewriting the music and switch out the sheets on every music stand in the orchestra before the music starts but the music is in front of every Municipality, every County, every State and Country's law makers and enforcement arm. Of course David Webb encourages legal means to switch out the music and I'm interested if he wished to also infer 'peaceful'.

Those that won't be paying attention to what happens in the symphony hall will definitely get the music blasted to them in every venue available, from every elevator speaker and media outlet in existence.

David Webb and I are scheduled for a conversation Wednesday December 6th 2023 (Two days from now) and it will likely be different from most interviews he'll experience. My interviews with others that share information about the same/similar issues (Ron Paul, Patrick Byrne, Doug Casey, Whitney Webb, Bud Burrell, Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees, James Corbett, Richard Grove, G. Edward Griffin and many more) all had a great input on the issues impacted by David Webb's revelations. Each had a unique motivation for their engagement and preferred solutions and I'll seek clarity from David about his, but I think his introductory video did a really good job of that (farm boy with lots of parent and grandparent influences with a sharp mind and a desire for the truth regarding economics) and made the book FREE online as well as a Hard Cover for sale.

Bloomberg did an Emmy Award winning documentary about 15 years ago hinting at massive manipulation of the stock market via Naked Short Selling abuses that exposes many of the tactics to be used in "The Great Taking"
https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2007-03-13/bloomberg-tv-examines-phantom-shares-in-special-report-tonight …. annnnd it's Gone!
YouTube – Phantom Shares Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjkbChSBc0A
YouTube – Phantom Shares Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzEhOly-QvQ
YouTube – Phantom Shares Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jDu2jGBiw0
Phantom Shares.asf

Video (.ASF)


Researching the links for the video Phantom Shares was a chore. Bloomberg has eliminated any reference to the Emmy Award Documentary they created and all the links we had online elsewhere were all deleted. Most videos of our earlier interview videos have also been deleted (we focused on the preservation of the MP3s) but for the past few years we have embraced InterPlanetary File System for the 'permanent' storage of video for this very reason. And so important interviews like the highly anticipated one with David Webb will survive the efforts of the censors.

By July of 2008 (article written by me then trying to express my concerns) it was clear to me that what David Webb has detailed was the Intent of They/Them/Those (T3 - that just won't leave us alone). Three months later my concerns exposed themselves in the financial collapse that was a bell for another round of something very wicked in the ring with humanity.

Quote from July 2008 Article

I am of the opinion that we have all been the victims of the largest robbery in Human history. Computer technology allowed for the creation of electronic counterfeiting that allowed for the nearly unlimited pillaging of every form of financial instrument used in America and in much of the world. Pensions, Retirement funds, 401Ks, Money Market Funds (Government or Municipal) and the relatively new financial instrument called Derivatives,... and it's all gone. It's not an "if" thing,… it is an "already happened" thing.

Now the Banking system will do its best to "control" the news, and who gets the blame, by leading the investigation of the crime that they were very much involved in and profited from.

Things are going to get much worse than I ever feared.

This week Marked the beginning of James Corbett and my effort to prepare America and others by explaining what's happening with the all important context of The Truth. I anticipate the use of David Webb's work and look forward to our conversation so that we can confirm much of what our readers/audience have suspected and how best to survive and thrive in a future of abundance.

There may be ashes, but then the Phoenix will rise.

Ernest Hancock
Publisher – FreedomsPhoenix.com