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Looking Back on 2023: Painfully Looking Toward 2024

Historians will record 2023 as the year Joe Biden started into motion the destruction of the United States of America.  They will record his incompetence, his dementia, his corrupt family's financial greed on the international stage, and his handlers' incredible duplicity to prop him up with stimulants, teleprompter speeches and their sheer arrogance for holding onto power.  They will record that his only achievements were shaking hands with the air and giving speeches that meant nothing for 50 years of a career living off the public dole.

Historians will record the most devastating invasion by 8,000,000 refugees, in 36 months of Biden's reign, of illegal aliens from all over the world who burst across America's borders with no regard for our laws, our way of life, our culture, our language and our freedoms. They were not invited, and they had no right to break our laws.  This invasion heading into its 36th month, will prove the undoing of our cities, our infrastructure, our welfare systems, our schools, our language, our culture, and most of all, our ability to continue as a functioning society. 

Those historians will write that the American people sat on their hands along with 535 Congressional Critters----and did nothing to stop the invasion.  They will record numerous 9/11 repeats, big and small, by terrorists invited over our borders by our own president. Those historians will ponder how stupid, how ignorant, how absolutely insane the inaction of our leaders.  

If you look back on December 7, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said about Pearl Harbor, "A date that will live in infamy."  Joe Biden's speech writers should write, "I, Joe Biden, invited this invasion of our country…and my actions will be written in history books as my presidency goes down in flames and infamy."

Historians will record that this open-borders policy will prove in the years ahead to be what the social scientist Garrett Hardin called, "The Tragedy of the Commons."  "The tragedy of the commons is a metaphoric label for a concept that is widely discussed in economics, ecology and other sciences. According to the concept, should a number of people enjoy unfettered access to a finite, valuable resource such as a pasture, they will tend to over-use it, and may end up destroying its value altogether. To exercise voluntary restraint is not a rational choice for individuals – if they did, the other users would merely supplant them – yet the predictable result is a tragedy for all."

These uninvited aliens will overrun, overwhelm, overuse and destroy any chance for us to remain a viable and sustainable civilization.  Again, those aliens stem from 83,000,000 new babies, net gain, they add to the planet every single year. Historians will record that America, Canada and Europe boldly and stupidly destroyed their Western Heritage, and overwhelmed their ability to remain sustainable civilizations.

Additionally, those historians will record that America committed national suicide by inviting some 4 to 8 million Islamic Muslims whose sole purpose remains to infiltrate Western countries and by their sheer numbers, they will install the barbaric, violent and incompatible to Western Civilization---Sharia Law.  

Those historians will note that America allowed its own 540,000 homeless citizens to remain homeless while it transported, housed, fed and medically cared for 8,000,000 people who did not belong to America nor were they invited and, in fact, could not function in an already overpopulated country of 350 to 370 million people.  They will record in the history books that America housed 50 million foreign born people in 2023 and another 20 million foreign born illegal aliens who possessed no affinity or compatibility to Western thought, Western laws and/or Western ideals.

Those same historians will write questions as to who wanted to destroy Western Countries?  How did those who wanted to destroy Western civilization gain such a foothold?  Why did they want to destroy the most successful civilizations on Earth such as America, Canada, Europe and Australia?   I think it was the historian Seymour Lipset who said, "Great civilizations are not conquered by the sword; they commit suicide."  Rome died from alien migration.  Troy died by taking in the Trojan Horse.  France died in 2023 with over 5,000,000 Muslim refuges who possessed no affinity for Western laws, religion or culture.  Same with every other European nation. The historians will scratch their heads as to "Why?'

As the historians write about 2023, they will ask why Americans cared more about Ukraine than Europeans?  They will ask how and why Americans invited millions of incompatible Muslims into America, so much so, that those same Muslims supported Hamas' barbaric brutality, barbaric killing and barbaric torturing of innocent women and children?   They will ask why an entire religion wants to exterminate another religion such as the Jews of Israel.  

Those same historians will remark that once the Muslims kill every last Jew on planet Earth, who will they go after next?  And, how will that make their lives better? What did they accomplish that Hitler didn't accomplish? 

As to the many crimes in America in 2023, the historians will speak to 100,000 drug overdose deaths of young Americans. They will ask why Biden allowed those drugs to fill every city street in America…yet 33 percent of Americans supported Biden's actions. Why? 

Those same historians will ask why a country that's $33 trillion in debt kept giving money to Iran and other middle eastern countries that want to see the "Great Satan" destroyed?   Those historians will ask why Americans allowed $100 billion annually in shoplifting crimes to go unpunished?   They will ask why America allowed so many people in Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Detroit, New Orleans and NYC to shoot each other by the thousands?  Why weren't solutions engaged?

Historians will wonder why American politicians worked against the American peoples' best interests.  

The Prospects for 2024

Dear fellow American,

The coming year will bring more pain, more wars, more drug deaths, more shoplifting into the billions of dollars, more destroyed American  schools, more illegal aliens and more breakdown of American society by another 2 to 4 million illegal aliens about to break into our country.

As an observing historian, I don't see anything getting better. I see  everything getting worse.  I see another 100,000 young people dying from drug overdoses because Joe Biden opened the borders to unlimited deadly drugs and cartels that distribute those drugs to every city and school in America.  

Those 8,000,000 million illegal aliens are going to turn into 10,000,000 illegal aliens at current border crossings daily over 10,000  24/7.  At a bare minimum of another 5 to 10 million of their babies, we'll  be seeing our country turned into a permanent collection of refugees who manifest poverty, crime, diseases, illiteracy and terror.

All of us average citizens will be affected by the largest and fastest invasion of any country in the history of the world.

The year 2024 will prove pivotal, dangerous and devastating.  If we allow a decrepit, senile, corrupt old man to continue what he has done for the past 36 months, America will not survive as an intact, single culture, single language, and/or single people ever again.  

From me to you, I fear for America in 2024.