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Takeaways From Judge Andrew Napolitano's Interview w/ Former CIA Intelligence Analyst Larry John

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I have always liked and admired Judge Napolitano (though I occasionally disagree with him), but, as with Tucker Carlson, since The Judge left FOX News and went independent, I like him even more. He has been serving up some fantastic interviews of late. I want to share some off-the-cuff takeaways from his recent interview with former CIA intelligence analyst Larry Johnson.

Takeaway Number One:

What many of us didn't know—including me for a long time—is that much of the billions of dollars of aid that Washington sent to Ukraine was in the form of CASH. Of course, there is zero accountability as to what happened to all of that cash. It was supposed to be used to fortify Ukraine's defensive positions on the frontlines, but that didn't happen. So, what happened to all that cash? You know what happened to it: It went into the coffers of Zelensky and his cronies.

Takeaway Number Two:

Larry Johnson said in no uncertain terms, "Ukraine will collapse." And he said the collapse "will come sooner rather than later." He also said that NATO can do absolutely nothing to stop it.

Johnson noted that Russia produces three times the number of artillery rounds and actual artillery pieces than the West. He also noted that Russia produces as many tanks in one month as the United States and Europe combined do in one year.

Takeaway Number Three:

Ukraine's President Zelensky's term in office expires next Tuesday, May 21. Zelensky refused to allow his country to hold an election. Furthermore, he did everything he could do to squash (translate kill, imprison, torture) his political opponents. But whether an election is held or not, after next Tuesday Zelensky will no longer be the legitimate president of Ukraine. The significance of that is, when Zelensky loses his recognized legal status as president, he can (and no doubt will) become a target for Russia, meaning, unless Washington sends Special Forces troops to Ukraine to whisk Zelensky away in the middle of the night, his days on earth are probably numbered.

Takeaway Number Four:

If Zelensky's place is taken by a neo-Nazi, Russia will completely destroy Ukraine's political and military establishments. They will not abide a Nazi regime in Ukraine.

We Americans have no concept of what the Russian people endured during the twentieth century. We cannot begin to fathom the pain and suffering—along with the resolve and determination—that is now endemic to the will and psyche of the Russian people. To them, war is not a video game; men do not go into the military for healthcare benefits, college opportunities or career advancements. Russian men are in the military to fight and destroy the enemy and save their families and homes. And they are more than willing to surrender their own lives to accomplish that end.

Johnson makes a terrific point about all of America's war-crazy politicians who are always more than eager to send American troops into wars and conflicts all over the world. He said that if America instituted a policy where any politician who voted to send American troops into these incessant foreign wars either had to go fight in those wars themselves or had to send their oldest child to fight in those wars, the warmongering in Washington, D.C., would stop immediately.


Takeaway Number Five:

Johnson made a statement that every American—and especially every evangelical—needs to hear. He said, "It's important that people understand how evil Israel is with respect to this." This statement should be shouted from the rooftops all over America.

Evangelicals are living in absolute denial about the sheer wickedness of the Israeli state. Knowing the massive volume of military atrocities, wanton slaughter of civilians and war crimes being committed by the IDF, evangelicals have the gall to regurgitate Netanyahu's absurd assertion that Israel has the "most moral army on earth." What a piece of rubbish! Again, evangelicals have deliberately closed their eyes, closed their ears and closed their hearts to the TRUTH about Zionist Israel. And they have done this for 76 years.

Johnson then delivered a staggering statistic: The Israeli Ministry of Defense has calculated the total number of Israelis killed by what is called "Palestinian Violence" over the past 24 years leading up to October 7. That number is 1,455. Again, that's an Israeli statistic over a 24-year period. Johnson then compares the Palestinian violence in Israel to the number of murders in the city of Chicago during that same 24-year period. Chicago is approximately 1/5 the size of Israel in terms of population. In the past 24 years, there have been almost 14,000 murders in Chicago. That's almost 12 times more murders in Chicago than Israelis murdered by Palestinian violence. And only around 1/6 of those acts of violence against Israelis were committed by Hamas.

Where is the outrage of evangelicals and politicians over the 14,000 dead—mostly young black men—in Chicago? In truth, they don't give a rat's behind about the young men being killed in the inner cities of America's largest municipalities, but they want America to wage war all over the Middle East, because 1,455 Israelis were killed. And, by the way, most of those deaths occurred in the West Bank during resettlement struggles where Israelis are trying to take over the homes and properties belonging to the Palestinians.

And let's not forget that an accurate number of Israelis killed in the October 7 Hamas attack that were actually killed by Israel has never been established. We do know Israel killed many of their own people that day; we just don't know how many.

During that same time frame (before the Israeli genocide started in October), Israel killed almost 8,000 Palestinians. Obviously, that's a disparity of almost 6 - 1. In other words, Israel killed almost six times more Palestinians than Palestinians killed Israelis during the same period.

But these are facts that warmongering politicians and pastors choose to ignore.

Of course, since October 7, the (underreported, in my opinion) number of Gazan civilians killed by Israel is now over 40,000. And evangelicals are just fine with that.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that not only is Israel losing credibility and legitimacy all over the world but so are America's evangelical churches. How anyone can call themselves "Christian" and remain in these pro-Israel, warmongering churches and sit under the preaching of these pro-Israel warmongering pastors is beyond paradoxical. It is hypocritical—maybe even diabolical.

Takeaway Number Six:

The Judge played a video clip of Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) saying Israel would be justified to drop atomic bombs on the Palestinians just as the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II.

Napolitano then made it clear that the U.S. was NOT morally justified in dropping atomic weapons on those two Japanese cities, obviously with the deliberate intention of killing mass numbers of civilians. And I completely agree with The Judge. To our shame, the United States is the ONLY country in the world to use atomic weapons against another country.

Lindsey Graham is the biggest warmonger in Washington, D.C., bar none.

I find it incredible that this bloody vampire has been a senator from South Carolina for over 20 years. Why do I say that? Because South Carolina has more evangelical churches and evangelical Christian people per capita than any State in the United States. South Carolina is the home of the flagship evangelical university: Bob Jones University in Greenville. Yet, these evangelical Christians are content and happy to elect and re-elect and re-elect again the most bloodthirsty senator in American history. Well, I suppose we must put Lyndon Johnson alongside Lindsey Graham in that category.

Larry nailed it. He said Graham "is in the money pocket of the Israelis." He also said about Lindsey Graham, "I find people like him, they are a disgrace to the human race."

AMEN again!

I urge readers to watch a brief 2-minute video clip I made regarding the sheer volume of Israeli lobby organizations in Washington, D.C. Watch the YouTube video here.

Zionism has destroyed evangelicalism!

Takeaway Number Seven:

Johnson then openly said what educated people are saying in private conversations everywhere: "The United States' position as a global leader is in free fall." He's right, of course.

As a student of the Scriptures, I see America's ongoing collapse as the judgment of God. And when I say the judgment of God, I mean judgment upon America's pastors and churches. As go the pastors and churches, so goes the country. It has been that way since America's inception.

The church growth movement, the Prosperity Gospel, Christian Zionism, success-driven, "Purpose-driven" churches, churches existing as non-profit corporations of the state, entertainment-driven, program-oriented, feel-good churches: All of them have contributed to America's spiritual, societal, cultural and political demise.

And this reality is made even clearer when we realize that the truth about America's deteriorating condition is coming mostly from sources outside the church. "The stones" are crying out because most Christians aren't. (Luke 19:40) That by itself should be enough to convince us of the source of America's problems.

In the meantime, thank you, Judge Napolitano and Larry Johnson.

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