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 “I am a God-fearing man,” said the farmer, preacher, politician, soldier and most religious Americans for the past several hundred years.
Sorry! That idea no longer works in the 21st century.  We must move beyond it, above it and be done with it.  Why on earth would any of God’s expressions ‘fear’ their creator?  Who decided on such a negative moniker for God?  Answer:  Joseph in the Bible first blurted it. On the third day he said, “Do this and you will live, for I fear God.”
As with all ancient stories, myths and legends—trepidation of the unknown drove some human tribes to fear the Creator.  Although, not always!  Native American Indians called on the “Great Spirit” to provide for all creatures.
In this series of sermons by Dr. Roger Teel, www.milehichurch.org , in Denver, Colorado, you will learn new concepts, new ideas and amazing lessons for living a productive, fearless and effective life.  You may hear Teel’s humorous, insightful and compelling sermons each Sunday by streaming that website.  You will laugh, cry and learn.  He’s a brilliant theologian and 21st century spiritual leader.
His latest sermon, “You and the Universe: The Science of Effective Living” presents a ‘new’ way of thinking about your spiritual life.  It stems from the teachings of  Dr. Ernest Holmes and his insightful book:
The Science of Mind and Spirit. 
This amalgamation of ancient wisdom and new understandings may be deemed ‘new thought’ for the 21st century.
“Welcome to Mile Hi and welcome to the New Year,” said Dr. Teel.  “I heard of a man who said, “God put me on earth to accomplish many things.  I’m so far behind that I’ll live forever! [Pause with laughter] But right now, let’s get back to basics…this morning; we will talk about universal spiritual principles or the science of effective living.”
Teel expressed that ‘God’ or your word for the Creator or however you define the ‘Infinite Intelligence’ of the universe expresses through, around and in each one of us.  Dr. Teel welcomed the packed congregation to enjoy a teaching that does not worship some old man in the sky with a long, white beard.  Instead, God is an energy running through each of us—fulfilling itself.   In fact, God or the Great Spirit fulfills itself in rocks, trees, oceans, mountains, animals, suns, stars and/or humans. 
“Let’s throw away any residual fear of God,” said Teel. “You are not worthless, not a worm in the dirt and not a sinner!  You are an intentional winner!”
Dr. Ernest Holmes said, “Science and religion shall walk hand-in-hand into the invisible.  It is the science of mind and spirit.”
As I sat listening to Dr. Teel, I enjoyed that this church encourages members and visitors to ‘define’ God as they understand that mythic entity via their own grid.  For me, God represents “The emerging creative energy of the universe.”  It’s an energy form that expresses through each of us.  Does it possess a mind, heart or emotions?  I don’t know.  It may express those feelings through the creatures it created on earth or anywhere in the universe.  Who knows?  We really don’t know!  The ‘cool’ thing about Dr. Teel: he celebrates all interpretations and nuances!
“Science attempts to discern laws,” said Teel. “We work to discover spiritual laws that are practical so we can apply them to prosper our living.  We can fulfill our inner and outer lives.  This God-life impels itself  into form.  It’s the source of all energy and shape. God is spirit, self-knowing and infinite intelligence. It expresses ‘as you’ to live a happy and abundant life.”
It’s up to you to express yourself abundantly!

“Many don’t,” said Teel. “I am reminded of the story of the guy who ran a red light. Two weeks later, he got a picture of himself and his license plate along with a $75.00 fine. Being a practical joker, he mailed a photograph of $75.00 on a table into the county court.  A week later, he got a picture back of a pair of handcuffs!  He mailed in the money!”
“Too often, we live handcuffed when we are meant to be free and abundant,” said the preacher.
Dr. Teel talked about pictures and mirrors that inform us about our lives.  He discussed how we might not feel secure such as the queen in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”  Remember how she asked, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all….”
That queen’s ego suffered a rude awakening when the mirror talked back with Snow White being the new ‘hot looking babe’ in the kingdom.
“Life reflects your ego, fear, alienation and other traits until you accept yourself and appreciate yourself,” said Teel.  “I didn’t mean to push your button, but I didn’t install it!  Why do we live in fear?”
We no longer need to fear any creator or savage universe like ancient humans! Why? Because we possess knowledge, understanding and science!  We know more about our world in relevant ways.
“You are a spiritual life and this is a friendly universe,” said Teel. “As our thoughts open up and we open to the universe, we expand into the newness of life.  I invite you to leave the old habits, connect within and ask to be shown a clearer vision of God’s idea of you. The mirror of  life will reflect both to you as a miracle.  You are the face of God, “I hold you in my heart. You are a part of me.””
In the end, Dr. Teel invited his listeners to launch themselves toward the great adventure of  life.  Everyone’s ‘aliveness’ depends on their choices.
“What remains is light and love with you as a once-in-a-universe expression,” said Teel. “You are an energy being. You are eternity living now.  Let it sink into your being—secure, whole, loving, creative, radiant and self-expressing. You are activated by divine action of miraculous living.”
Dr. Teel finished with, “We declare ‘YES’ to our good. We are complete, whole and rejoice in our new directions for a fulfilling life.”
Singer Sheryl Renee stepped forward to sing a unique song, “Gratitude before me, gratitude behind me, gratitude to the right of me, gratitude to the left of me, gratitude above me, gratitude below me, gratitude within me, gratitude all around me, I’m so thankful, I’m so thankful, I’m so thankful!”
Each time I step out of that sanctuary, I feel prepared and confident about my life, living and hope for humanity.  We humans no longer need to fear ‘God’ or the unknown.  In fact, let’s boldly move toward the Great Spirit with confidence!  Thousands in the congregation felt the same. 
As Napoleon Hill once said, “Life is like a horse; you can choose to be the rider of life (the horse) or ‘life’ will make you the horse and ‘ride’ you.  No matter which you choose, life never stands still!  It keeps moving.”
Let’s move with life!
Dr. Roger Teel,  www.milehichurch.org , in Denver, Colorado,  teaches new concepts, ideas and compelling lessons for living a productive, reasoned and effective life.  You may hear Dr. Teel’s funny, insightful and life-expanding sermons each Sunday by streaming that website.  You will laugh, cry and learn.  He’s a brilliant theologian and a 21st century spiritual leader—right up there with the Dali Lama. In fact, they formed a friendship years ago!